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Welcome Japan!

Effective May 2018, Tokyo-based Orbitvu Japan K.K. has been established to distribute automated product photography solutions in Japan. The new enterprise is made up of the top of the line professionals with a long record of experience in the distribution of state-of-the-art photo automation technologies in the market. In addition to its Tokyo headquarters, the company operates three sales offices in Japan.

Japan automated product photography teamJapan automated product photography team

We are delighted to enter the Japanese market through our new distributor. Our automated product photography solutions are the perfect fit for a high-tech country like Japan. We believe that this market holds significant potential and hope to provide the community of content developers with the best possible product range and support, says Tomasz Bochenek, CEO at Orbitvu.

The Orbitvu Japan K.K. team has been well trained and put in a position to pass their knowledge on to customers and partners. What’s more, the first Orbitvu products have already been offered and sold to early customers.

Expansion of the Orbitvu distribution network worldwide

With the addition of Orbitvu Japan K.K., Orbitvu’s international sales network now encompasses 24 distributors worldwide. Together with our six subsidiaries, our automated product photography solutions are being sold in over 50 countries.

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