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How to photograph jewelry – 10 tips that make your pictures PRO

Whether you are new or already a practitioner in jewelry photography, you may already know that ...

Orbitvu Station 21.1 Mirage Reflection released

The new version of Orbitvu’s all-in-one product photography software hits the market this March. It’...

How to reduce the number of returns in e-commerce in 11 easy steps?

In 2020 the growing trend of online shopping gained additional momentum. No doubt it will continue in ...

Camera settings for product photography in e-commerce

Each product requires professional photos to be sold online. This way product photography has entered the ...

Best lens for product photography – expert tips

Are you looking for the best lens for product photography? Are you struggling to make an ...

Product photography 360 degree – The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I will help you to better understand the 360 spin technology itself, so you ...

Support for Orbitvu Mini, Midi and Maxi kits and video improvements in Orbitvu Station 20.2 “Spinning Tractor”

We are very excited to release Orbitvu Station 20.2 “Spinning tractor” 😉 This release brings a bunch of ...

A few thoughts about latest Fashion Studio by Orbitvu

We got used to the idea that once in a while, Orbitvu surprises us with their ...

New product video workflows and post-production improvements in Orbitvu Station 20.1 “Smiling Surfer”

Say hello to Orbitvu Station 20.1 “Smiling Surfer” and catch the wave of our brand new features ...

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