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Best camera for product photography – the things you will need to know

As a professional photographer or an e-commerce entrepreneur, you will face a series of questions regarding ...

How to manage a photography studio? – ultimate tips for studio organization and workflow

Managing a photo studio comes as an additional yet indispensable task for photographers who choose independence ...

9 mistakes in product photography and how to avoid them?

Product photography has clear tasks to perform. Entice, convince, and trigger the purchase decision. But what ...

Packshot photography – a quick guide

E-commerce, catalogues, bill-boards. There is an increased demand for packshots in all sectors of marketing and ...

How to photograph models – Everything You Need to Know

Model photography is simply more than just photography. With the first session you arrange, you are ...

How to shoot flat lay clothing?

With 8.9 million photos collected under the hashtag #flatlay on Instagram (early 2021), there is certainly a trend ...

How to photograph jewelry – 10 tips that make your pictures PRO

Whether you are new or already a practitioner in jewelry photography, you may already know that ...

Camera settings for product photography in e-commerce

Each product requires professional photos to be sold online. This way product photography has entered the ...

The complete guide to product photography – more than a thousand words

We all know how difficult and complex the world of photography seems. The thousand words in ...
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