Streamlined process 

Integration of camera, lights, turntable. Automated background removal, edit and publish.



Packshots per hour

With the automatically removed background (Amazon ready).

100 kg

Maximum product weight 

For all kinds of hardware, tools and devices up to 100 kg/220 lbs.

Capture hundreds of products every day

Hardware industry needs durable and efficient solutions to deal with mass and diverse visual content production. Orbitvu’s versatile photo studios automate and speed up your workflow while keeping high quality and consistency.


  • Software controlled photo equipment for the smooth process from capturing to publishing online.
  • Predefine or custom templates store photo session, editing and exporting settings so they can be loaded with a single click.
  • Web-ready packshots with background removed instantly during capture.


How it works

tool product photography

Keep high-quality of your in-house tool product photography

Orbitvu focuses on giving hardware industry the most user-friendly photography solution for in-house content production. Cut your outsourcing and logistic time and costs.


  • Fully equipped photo devices with everything you need to create quality tool product photography and video. 
  • Compact design to reduce space consumption.
  • Features to facilitate work for inexperienced users. Adjustment options for professional photographers.

One of tool product photography key properties is to show the true nature objects in the terms of shape, colour and texture. Orbitvu’s photo equipment for the hardware industry has what it takes to create trustworthy packshots and reduce returns.


  • Premium  LED lighting and automated photo- editing tools for true colour and texture projection.
  • 360° spins and videos for a complete view and more engaging content.
  • Multiple angles/views within one template for efficient workflow and consistent output.
  • Orbit tour to add interactive hotspots and descriptions to key product details.


Reduce returns. Show your products as they are

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