05 10 13
Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote about us

ORBITVU, one of the most innovative Polish companies, the leader in automated product photography and "online product experience" technologies - began its expansion into the markets of the former Yugoslavia
ORBITVU`s activities in Slovenia and in the markets of neighboring countries was officially opened on Lubljański Castle on 2 October. 
The event was attended by over 200 guests and the evening concert enriched the well-known Slovenian artist - Neishy. "It is very important to us. Growth rate of e-commerce market fills us with optimism " - says Pawel Maciazek , Export Manager in ORBITVU .

ORBITVU operates in 28 countries around the world including USA, Australia, Scandinavian markets and most of the European Union. ORBITVU as the world's first developed the intelligent technology of background removal which was awarded three prizes for the most innovative technology. ORBITVU as the group operates more than 15 years and in that time sold nearly 100 000 advanced solutions for photography and video.