Waleed Shleha

Accelerate your growth with Orbitvu Photo Automation

Accelerate your growth with Orbitvu Photo Automation

Automated product photography can help businesses create consistent photo and video content for various platforms, both online and offline. The automated solutions can also allow businesses to save time, and money, but foremost, enable them to keep the know-how in-house. Would you like to know whether automated product photography is for you, and how your company can benefit from it?

Save the date, and tune in for our event on March 1st.

    During the event, you’ll have the chance to:

    • Discover the benefits of automated product photography
    • Learn about the variety of photography automation solutions
    • Find out how Orbitvu automated solutions helped other companies based on examples
    Automated Product Photography in actionAutomated Product Photography in action

    About Waleed Shleha:

    Orbitvu’s Waleed Shleha is an expert in international business, specializing in commercial development over the EMEA region. A strong analysis professional, he is experienced in working for high-tech companies and international new ventures. The areas he is most focused on include B2B International Management, Market Research, international entrepreneurship, and start-ups. His experience is backed by studies of a PhD focused in International Entrepreneurship, Strategic service solutions and Related Support strategies. 

    March 1st, 11:00 - 12:30

    Accelerate your growth with Orbitvu Photo Automation

    This event will be held on the Zoom online platform. To join, you can install a free app or use your web browser. More information is available on this page.