Automated Photography Solutions



A line of all-in-one photo studios that feature an automatic background removal. The product line is
available in various models to serve specific product photography needs, and can take static 2D product
shots, animated 360º presentations, and video.

Max object dimension: 50x30x70 cm [LxWxH] Max object weight: 25 kg Use: 2D & 360° Compact and automated solution for product photography of medium sized object up to 70x50x30(HxWxD) size

  • Automated image consistency
  • Image with background removed in seconds
  • For still images, 360°, and video
  • High end LED lighting

    Very flat, long panels for more shooting space. High CRI LEDs with stabilized light intensity. Independent control of each panel gives
    you endless possibilities to match the lighting to
    your expectations.


    Easy to use and advanced. Makes it easy to shoot professional images by non photographers.

  • Grip camera support

    Excellent Manfrotto geared head enables ultra precise camera positioning. Grip action camera support allows to quickly move the camera up/down. With rulers on all movement axes, camera position can be easily repeated.


    Your computer is your command center. Through intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can see exactly what the camera sees, and control everything -- even the advanced settings of the camera.


    Do you want to repeat the same shot? The reference image will be placed on a Live View product, which is exactly what you want to photograph. This allows for the placement of the product in the same position and cropping becomes exceptionally easy.


    A graphic artist removes the background from a photo in 10 minutes (not counting the time of its execution). ORBITVU removes the background in just 3 seconds. Without human intervention, without additional steps. Background of the products is removed already during the shooting.


    With Auto Cropping, the software detects automatically the size of the subject, composes the shot: adds margins, scales and positions it. As a result, you consistent images across the whole web site.


    Select one of default or your custom templates and you are ready to start producing content with one click; all
    necessary settings (e.g. number of images, lighting, angles, camera positions, aperture, shutter speed etc.)
    are retrieved from Template.

  • M-VIEW

    Thanks to the Multi-View, the method and display technology automatically adjust to the device bearing no effect on the time you open the presentation.

  • E-commerce ready

    ALPHASHOT is equipped with plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms. All images can be automatically uploaded and linked with product page with a touch of a button.


    Fine-tune the way you operate your device to your expectations. If you want to you can choose the angles, which always takes packshots of your products or adjust the rotation of the table so as to prevent taller products from toppling or swaying.


    Now you can make presentations and packshots without any restrictions on resolution. ORBITVU Software copes with any amount of data -- the only limit is the maximum resolution of the camera.


    Control technology of the product view using the whole hand through intuitive gestures. You will be impressed by the quality and depth of experience of the product as well as having full control over the image. Check and follow your own reactions.

  • 360°
  • Packshots
The most photographed objects:
Automotive parts


Specification ALPHASHOT XL v2
Max. size of photographed object [LxWxH] 50x30x70 cm (20x12x28")
Max. load 25 kg (55 lb)
Dimensions [LxWxH] Depending on model (see the brochure below)
Lighting 95+ CRI LED panels
Hardware custom button Yes, 2 pcs.
Camera connection USB Type A
PC connection USB Type B
Power supply 100-230VAC max. 800W
Output still image format Png, jpeg, tiff, bmp, RAW + png mask, other output formats via external action
360° image output formats HTML5, animated GIF, MP4, MOV
Output video file format MOV, MP4, animated GIF
Export Simple user defined mode; advanced xml file defined
Factory defined templates 4 generic templates (modeling hard, modeling medium, modeling soft, even light)
Max. output resolution 10.000 x 10.000 px
Compatible cameras CANON & NIKON DSLR with LiveView more
Multiple camera control YES, up to 5 cameras (Canon only)
OS Compatibility macOS 10.12 or later, Windows 7 or later
SUN hosting package 3 months of MARKETING plan trial (1GB disk space) details


    • Positioning lasers
      • Elevated base with a shelf
        • Manual hanging kit
          • Motorised hanging kit
            • Anti-reflection kit
              • Bottle support
                • Motorized zoom
                • Opinions

                  • We decided to choose ALPHASHOT and ALPHASHOT XL because both devices met our requirements. Modern solutions, such a automatic background removal - has become our work more efficient and less time consuming. ORBITVU software is easy to use, but yet so powerful that you do not need additional software for image processing. The advantage of the product is to control the lighting and the camera using software. Small size of devices make it possible to take pictures in a small spaces. Michał Tolczyk, R&D INTER CARS S.A.
                  • AlphaShot has changed our previous style of work with the products. It helps us to integrate a variety of product communication channels, as well as in visual content standardization of so many products that are in our offer.
                    Work with AlphaShota is simple and automatic cutting backgrounds significantly accelerated the work. Ewelina Kotlińska, ROSSMANN
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