When it comes to product photography, a proper white balance that can ensure the accurate color is crucial. How to set it up? WhiBal has the perfect tools, and now we have WhiBal!

Why WhiBal?

WhiBal combines the best features of all available grey cards. It is proven that it reflects all colors through the spectrum equally. Each WhiBal is calibrated, measured on a spectrophotometer in the Lab color space to guarantee it is neutral. Beyond their technical specification, the most important is that those grey cards are practically indestructible. They are waterproof (easy to clean) and scratch-proof because the color goes all the way through, not just as a top coat.

Before deciding to start our cooperation with WhiBal we took various tests. One of them was to take numerous photos of the color checker. For each photo, the white balance was measured with randomly selected WhiBal grey card. As you can see in the GIF below, all of those pictures look the same so it is proven that every grey card is well calibrated and gives the same, great result.

What is white balance

When we look at a white object our eyes automatically adjust to the lighting conditions, so that the object appears perfectly white to us. While our eyes are excellent at making this adjustment, digital cameras aren’t. They don’t see white as white but the color of the light reflected from the scene: bluish in daylight and orangish in artificial light. Setting the camera’s white balance is the process of giving our camera a helping hand so that it can reproduce the white in our photo as it should be. And it refers to all colors.

In the pictures below you can see the difference between the correct and flawed white balance setups.

Here we have some examples of flawed white balance setup. In these pictures, colors of the flowers and pots are turning yellowish or bluish which has nothing to do with real colors.

The last picture shows the correct white balance setup. The flowerpot, leaves and flower color look just like in the real world. And you already know that it is extremely important, especially in product photography for e-commerce.

Get your white balance right:

  1. Put a memory card into the camera
  2. Turn on all the lights on full power
  3. Place the grey card on the table
  4. Change the camera to the “P” mode
  5. Switch the lens to manual focus
  6. Take the photo of grey card, you should fill the whole frame with it

WhiBal grey cards come in two sizes: 19,1 × 25,4 cm and 8,9 × 15,2 cm. Every Orbitvu device includes one WhiBal card. Grey cards can be also ordered as a separate accessory.

Also, check out our video about setting the correct white balance.