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Orbitvu Station 24.1.0 - step up your shadow game

Boost your photography workflow with your improved shadow game and publish your files locally in a new format. Yup, the latest version of Orbitvu software is out and available for download, and you’re here to learn more about it!

Orbitvu Station 24.1.0 - step up your shadow gameOrbitvu Station 24.1.0 - step up your shadow game

What’s new?

Explore the new possibilities for incorporating shadow into your product photography

The shadow has never looked so natural. Even in the case of white or highly-contrasted products. Refine your shadow even further with two new sliders to seamlessly blend and smooth out the edges of the shadow with the item, resulting in more realistic photos.


AVIF file support 

AVIF is considered one of the formats that will replace JPEG for online content in the future. To keep up to date with market trends and meet customers’ needs, we added AVIF file support to the newest version of our software. 

This means a better compression ratio for image quality, faster page loading, and a boosted SEO score. The AVIF format also supports transparency, whereas JPEG simply doesn’t. So publish your stills locally in AVIF file format and enjoy all its benefits! 


What’s improved?

Advanced sorting and search options 

We have implemented new ways to sort and filter out the sessions in the session manager that improve the management and reduce the time it takes to find the information you need.

New sorting methods greatly improve the speed of searching or listing activity in the “manage” area. You can now sort by creation date, last modified, and last opened. You can also search by whatever phrase is in the session name. 

The whole process is more intuitive, which translates to improved work speed and boosted user experience. 


Duplicate everything!

With this improved feature, it’s possible to duplicate every Asset type, including stills, 360° spins, videos, and group assets, available in the content bar. No more manual work with backing up the assets but rather enhanced visual evaluation and maintained consistency between edits.

It also allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in handling and sharing assets in different states, which can be especially valuable for workflows that require multiple versions of the same asset.


What’s fixed?

Orbitvu Station “Smooth Shadow” incorporates a few bug fixes, including the issue with the “Drag and drop” functionality. 


Don’t wait up - get your new version now!

Orbitvu Station 24.1.0 is a release full of features that make the creative workflow more enjoyable and much more efficient. With its new features, improvements, and bug fixes, you’re in for a treat!

If you have an active Support Plan, the Orbitvu Station 24.1.0 release is now available to download from the Orbitvu SUN Cloud platform.

Don’t have an active Support Plan? Then, contact our sales department at [email protected] to get access to all the innovative features Orbitvu software has to offer!