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Orbitvu is a technology company that builds innovative imaging solutions for the world of eCommerce. Our range of photo and video content creation machines are employed by hundreds of companies worldwide who take millions of product photos, 360° spins and videos every year.



Software and hardware solutions are designed to help customers bring their product photos to the market faster and increase their web store conversion rates while saving money as compared to traditional photography.

We find it crucial to understand and meet our customers’ requirements so we can deliver the most suitable products for them. We aim to continually improve our offerings to fill the needs of businesses that require high-quality and high volume in-house photo and video content creation. 


Orbitvu in the world

Headquartered in Tarnowskie Gory, Poland with over 100 employees, 3000 m2 of production space and a team of engineers, we pride ourselves to design and manufacture our products 100% in-house.


Presented in over 50 countries, Orbitvu is at the forefront of digital imaging technology expansion. Having a strong team and years of experience we are committed to providing customers with the most innovative offering available in today’s market. 

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Tomasz Bochenek

Tomasz Bochenek

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer Grażyna Bochenek

Grażyna Bochenek

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer Arkadiusz Froń

Arkadiusz Froń

Chief Commercial Officer

Logistics Manager Elżbieta Potempa

Elżbieta Tyc

Logistics Manager

Honza Vojtek product manager

Honza Vojtek

Product Manager

Business Controller Agnieszka Styś

Agnieszka Styś

Business Controller

Regional Sales Manager/Poland Robert Wiącek

Robert Wiącek

Regional Sales Manager/Poland

Regional Manager Aleksandra Oksztul

Aleksandra Oksztul

Regional Manager

Regional Manager Waleed Shleha

Waleed Shleha

Regional Manager

Regional Manager LATAM Justyna Ścibska

Justyna Ścibska

Regional Manager LATAM

Global Commercial Manager Witold Jermolowicz

Witold Jermolowicz

Global Commercial Manager

Customer Service Manager Natalia Nalewajka

Natalia Nalewajka

Customer Service Manager

Training Department Coordinator Robert Bloch

Robert Bloch

Training Manager

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