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Through our websites, including Orbitvu Sun Service, we use so-called cookies and similar local storage technology. Cookies are information technology data containing a small amount of text which are sent by a web server to a user’s browser when he or she accesses web pages.

We use cookies and local storage files for the purpose of:

  • adapting the content of the pages to the user’s preferences and optimising the use of those pages; produce statistics that help us understand how visitors to our websites use them; for this purpose, we also use Google Analytics, an external web analysis service provided by Google Inc., with its own cookies,, an external web analysis service provided by Sp. z o.o., with its own cookies and Microsoft Clarity, an external website analysis service provided by Microsoft, with its own cookies
  • ensuring efficient operation of our websites, including all functionalities of the ORBITVU SUN Site
  • providing users with adverts that are relevant to them by collecting information about their browsing habits and site usage as provided by Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with their own cookies
  • allowing users to interact more easily with social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, with their own cookies. We do not control social media cookies and they do not allow us to gain access to your social media accounts.

By default, web browsers allow cookies to be placed on the user’s computer. You can change the conditions for storing and accessing cookies by yourself in the settings of your browser (see your browser’s help system for information). If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please change your browser settings accordingly. If you do not do this when you view our website, you will be consenting to the use of cookies for the above purposes.

You can also block the Google Analytics cookies by downloading a corresponding browser add-on (available at: ).

More information on how Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft and use your data can be found here:

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