Cookie Policy

Use of cookies

Through our websites, including those of the ORBITVU SUN Service, we use so-called cookies and similar technologies (e.g. local storage). Cookies are information technology data containing a small amount of text which are sent by a web server to a user's browser when it accesses web pages.

We use cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of:

  • adapting the content of the web pages to the user's preferences and optimising the use of those pages;
  • producing statistics that help us understand how visitors to our websites use them; for this purpose, we also use external web analysis services provided by Google (Google Analytics), and Microsoft (Microsoft Clarity), with the help of their cookies;
  • analyzing user behavior in the ORBITVU STATION application, for which we use our own and external files (e.g. Countly Analytics by Countly Ltd);
  • displaying online ads on the external services (websites), tailored to the interests of the users of such services (personalized advertising), which are owned by Google (Google Search web browser, Gmail, YouTube), by Meta (Facebook social network, Instagram), by X Corp. (X platform formerly known as Twitter) and by Microsoft (LinkedIn). Cookies and similar technologies are used for this purpose, which collect information about your browsing history and how you navigate through our websites. Personal data (e.g. email address) provided by you may also be used for this purpose, which, with your consent, we can share with the above-mentioned external services (websites) owners that provide marketing and advertising services to us;
  • enabling users of the social networks outlined above (Facebook, X, LinkedIn) to use some of their functions more easily through the use of the networks’ own cookies. We have no control over these external cookies and they do not allow us to access the network users’ accounts;
  • ensuring efficient operation of our services and websites, including all functionalities of the ORBITVU SUN Service and adjusting them to users’ preferences.

Our use of cookies or similar technologies to collect the information about how you use our services and sites is based on your consent. You can manage your consent for specific cookies using Cookieboot tool by Usercentrics, which will be displayed when you first access our sites. Cookieboot is also available by clicking the button below:

You can also change the conditions for storing and accessing cookies in the settings of your browser (see your browser's help system for information). If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please change your browser settings accordingly. Please note that blocking cookies may cause difficulties in using certain functionalities of our websites and services, including ORBITVU SUN Service.