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yellow sofa at E-comm Studio+
Product photography
5 min
How to photograph furniture - 25 tips straight from product photography experts

Product visualization is vital in almost every business, especially e-commerce, where 93% of consumers consider visual appear...

hand holding a lipstick
5 min
What is shoppertainment and why you should care

In the era of e-commerce, where customers click through websites at a record speed, entrepreneurs have to fight for viewers’ ...

Mark Duhaime from the ORBITVU USA team will be presenting “The State of E-Com Photo Automation” at the Photo Studio Operations Conference in New York on May 25, 2023.
3 min
Meet us at Photo Studio Operations New York!

We are excited to announce that Mark Duhaime from the ORBITVU USA team will be presenting “The State of E-Com Photo Automatio...

 lookbook photo
Product photography
7 min
How to create a lookbook for fashion

A photography lookbook is an absolute must-have for a fashion brand. A fashion lookbook showcases the new collection and refl...

improve sales with Orbitvu
10 min
5 ways to boost e-commerce sales with product photography

The e-commerce industry is thriving. There’s no doubt about it. In fact, e-commerce is expected to account for 24% of global ...

orbitvu station toolbox
4 min
Orbitvu Station 23.1.0 - All Organized & Ready for Spring!

Spring has arrived, and so has our latest release of Orbitvu Station 23.1.0, “Tidy Toolbox”. There are fresh features, a bunc...

cover fast hermes mobile
5 min
Orbitvu Station 22.2.0 “Fast Hermes” brings new features and accelerated content creation

The newest version of our photo automation software, Orbitvu Station, has just hit the market. With the 22.2.0 “Fast Hermes” ...

How to photograph artwork
Case Studies
8 min
How to photograph artwork – a case study

Artwork photography is art in itself! Artists spend hours if not months to produce beautiful work for the world to enjoy!  Wh...

solutions for white background products
Product photography
20 min
The best solutions for white background products – a guide

White background has won the hearts of e-commerce businesses. This is clearly visible from the statistics presented by retouc...

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