Alphashot Micro Pro v2

Enjoy ultimate quality shots of jewelry and highly reflective products with the dedicated Alphashot Micro Pro v2. Mastering small product photography is a breeze with our intuitive design and integrated software.

Small Product Photography

Whether you need 360° product images, videos or stills, this specially designed solution is the go-to device for capturing small, shiny items. Among others, Alphashot Micro automatically removes the background and will wow you with the speed of production. A small product photography kit will elevate your operations and boost your brand with intricate, clear captures that generate quality customer clicks and views.

Alphashot Micro Pro v2
in houseproduct content creation

Save money, time & hassle on logistics and fully control your content creation

typesof content

One ultimate solution to create all types of content: stills, 360° spins & videos

accessoriesfor ultimate results

Benefit from add-on accessories to create the highest-quality product content

Mastering Small Product and Jewelry Photography

Capturing brilliant images of small items like jewelry rests on technique, strategy and the right technology. Getting high-quality photos with intricate details is usually achieved using third parties like professional studios. Mastering small product photography doesn’t need any special training, and with the right studio setup, you can achieve superior results in-house.

Focus on the following attributes with small product and jewelry photography:

  • Balance light
  • Focus on angles
  • Mind levels of reflectance
  • Product layouts
  • Product tables
  • Camera level

Get a small product photography studio setup that scales with your business, growing your brand and audience, with products from Orbitvu.

Small Product Photography Setup

Taking clear, vivid images of small items and jewelry is a breeze with equipment and software from Orbitvu. Advanced software features that enable multi-angled camera setup, intricate lighting and 360-degree product spins make micro photography simple.

Easily incorporate a small product photography studio setup to integrate into your workflow effortlessly.With minimal training needed and templates for smooth production, your work won't pause due to staff taking a vacation or being off sick. Effortlessly capture your audience with vivid images, rich colors and impeccable detail.

The system is automated with software and hardware integration for any small products:

  • Advanced camera adjustment: Intuitive camera adjustment designed for small product photography adjusts from zero to 90 degrees to capture the perfect shot.
  • Cylindrical lighting: Complex LED small product photography lighting that allows you to control and work with glossy or transparent products.
  • Optimal layout: Support earrings, necklaces, chains and more with dedicated, translucent support structures.
  • Extra spotlight: You'll never miss important and intricate details when using a small product photography light box with advanced diffused or focused light options.
  • Display tables: Present rings, watches and flat-laying items with various tables to match your lighting and product needs.
  • Software-controlled camera: Heighten the focus of small products and rings through software on your workstation to effectively capture highly reflective, detailed products.

The Alphashot Micro Pro v2 is your small product photography kit, enabling you to take brilliant stills, videos and 360-degree images seamlessly. Effortlessly shoot, produce and publish high-quality photos that boost your social media presence and engage your audience.

Jewelry Photography Perfected - Alphashot Micro Pro V2

Capture perfect shots of jewelry and highly reflective products with Orbitvu’s specially designed solution - Alphashot Micro Pro v2. Easily and effectively deal with glossy and transparent products to shoot perfect photos, 360° product images and videos.

Produce jewelry and other highly-reflective product content in record time thanks to this dedicated solution. Alphashot Micro’s integrated software also offers tools useful in jewelry photo post-processing to perfect your images and add that final touch. You will also be able to selectively fine tune the colors to achieve the desired results.

Check out the specs on our micro photography hardware & software

Alphashot Micro Pro v2

Compact and easy to use, the Alphashot Micro Pro v2 brings the expertise of small product photography right to you.

Dimensions: 83 cm × 54 cm × 72 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Max object weight: 1 kg

Streamline your product photography with Orbitvu

You already know which solution is best for your business?

Unlock the full potential of small product photography with the power of Alphashot Micro Pro v2

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    Consistency with custom templates

    The software lets you store your workflow settings - from shooting, through post-production, to publication - so you can repeat the same setup and easily create consistent, quality content.

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    Software-controlled hardware

    Alphashot Micro Pro v2 makes your computer the control hub. Whether adjusting your camera and light settings or preprogramming turntable angles, you can do all of it conveniently from your laptop.

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    Automatic post-production

    Post-production is a breeze thanks to our software automation, with functions ranging from basic editing tools to innovative solutions.

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    Easy multi-destination publishing

    Publish your content directly to your online store, or easily export it for any other purpose, such as print or marketing. The process runs seamlessly in the background without taking any of your valuable time.

Get a closer look at our
Alphashot Micro Pro v2

Interchangeable tables
Interchangeable tables

Create different contrast environments using white, glass, or black tables.

Complex lighting
Complex lighting

Add sparkle to gems with special brilliance LEDs, while moveable LED panels and spotlights ensure seamless lighting of reflective surfaces.

Backlit LED doors
Backlit LED doors

Build greater lighting contrasts and create smooth, soft reflections on the sides of the photographed object.

Achieve even more with Orbitvu additional accessories

  • Spotlight kit

    Spotlight kit

    Add extra light effects to your items - choose diffused or focused light boost.

  • Nylon string support for earrings

    Nylon string support for earrings

    Suspend difficult items with nylon strings and a holder.

  • Support for chains, pendants and earrings

    Support for chains, pendants and earrings

    Hang chains and necklaces on a translucent support, which disappears from the final photo.

  • Standard doors

    Standard doors

    Lightweight, easy to attach, and compatible with all Alphashot Micro v2, the doors are a perfect replacement for backlit doors. Attach silver and black side reflectors to them and create special effects.

  • Black or white glass table

    Black or white glass table

    Photograph in different environments with special black or white glass tables.

Streamline your product photography with Orbitvu

You already know which solution is best for your business?

Find out what our customers think about Alphashot Micro
for automated product

Sara Rossi

Photographer & Videomaker at CLX Europe Media Solution

For my job, it’s essential to shoot with the perfect tools, have total control of the lights and have the possibility to recreate it for every product. Orbitvu is perfect for doing so, both for photography and video.

Since Orbitvu takes away the stress of managing lights and background, I can concentrate more on the details of my work.

We will support you every step of the way

Our dedicated team will help you choose hardware and software for your small product photography studio setup. Experience the Orbitvu difference and master your micro photography by capitalizing on our years of industry expertise and excellent client support program. From the initial call, setup, training and after-sales service, we are proud to help you bring your vision to life.

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Orbitvu knowledge base
Gain access to our broad knowledge base
Orbitvu training
Receive individual training whenever it’s needed
Orbitvu support
Take advantage of our team support and advisory


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