Calculate your Orbitvu Return on Investment

Orbitvu's full range of automated product photography solutions guarantees the right fit for almost any product. See which Orbitvu device is ideal for your needs and when your investment should be recouped.

Tell us something more about your photography process

This will help us make a more accurate estimate.

1. How many photos do you take in a month?
Less than 100
100 - 500
500 - 1000
1000 or more
2. What products do you photograph? Choose the dominant category if there's more than one.
Jewelry and luxury items

watches, rings, etc.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Home and home appliances
Fashion accessories (shoes, bags and cosmetics)
Live Model Fashion
Sports equipment

Great! Now we know more about your process. How about your product?

This info will allow us to show you which Orbitvu solution best suits your needs and how quickly you will recoup the cost of the device in savings.

1. What is the maximum height of the items you photograph?
< 15 cm
(6 in)

jewelry, watches, small electronics etc.

15 cm - 30 cm
(6 - 12 in)

shoes, bags, medium-sized electronics, toys, etc.

31 cm - 70 cm
(12 - 27,5 in)

medium-sized hardware, larger electronics, suitcases, etc.

70 cm - 130 cm
(27,5 - 51 in)

bikes, large hardware, apparel with live models, etc.

130 cm +
(51 in +)
2. What is the weight of the items you shoot?
up to 5kg

jewelry, watches, small electronics, etc.

5kg - 25kg

medium-sized electronics, etc.

25kg - 100kg

large electronics, live models, heavy hardware, etc.

above 100kg
3. Besides still shots, what kind of product content do you create?
Still/360°/3D product photography
Live model photo and video
Flat lay photography

Still not sure which Orbitvu device to choose?

Our team will advise you on the best solution for your business.