effective furniture photography

Join Our Next Webinar: Effortless Furniture Content Creation

Orbitvu and Bright River join forces to talk about effective furniture photography. Join us for an insightful webinar on how to create top-notch furniture content that elevates your catalogs, boosts conversions, and reduces returns using photo automation and AR technology.


Why attend?

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks: Discover how automation helps you simplify and accelerate the photography process, even for hard-to-capture furniture pieces. 

Enhance product presentations: Learn techniques to improve the visual appeal of your catalogs, online store, and marketing materials by depicting textures and finishes in detail.

Leverage cutting-edge tools: Explore tools for creating 360-degree views, product videos, 3D models, and immersive AR experiences to show your customers the products from the inside out.


Key takeaways:

  • Increase conversions with stunning, high-quality product content.
  • Reduce return rates by providing accurate, detailed, and engaging product visuals.
  • Create diverse and interactive content to captivate your audience.


About hosts

Karolina Bulanowska 

Karolina Bulanowska is Orbitvu’s Technology Excellence Manager and a professional photographer whose work has been recognized on several occasions, including numerous publications in international magazines. During the webinar, she will discuss the possibilities of automated photography in the furniture industry—all from the business side. 

Marcin Caban 

Marcin Caban is the Head of Product Management and has been with Orbitvu for several years. He’s responsible for the development of all our products and knows the industry “inside out” from the technological side. That’s why he will handle all the technical aspects of automated photography during the webinar. 

Martijn van Weede 

Martijn van Weede, Bright River's Client Success Director, helps clients optimize visual product content to boost conversions and reduce returns. During the webinar, he will cover the post-production workflow and how Bright River converts Orbitvu machine outputs into a full visual content carousel, featuring imagery, 3D viewers, and augmented reality.

3 July 2024 I 4:00 PM CET / 10:00 AM EST

Webinar: Effortless Furniture Content Creation. High-Performing Visual Content incl. 3D, AR, 360 Spins, and high-quality imagery

This webinar will be held on the Zoom online platform. To join, you can install a free app or use your web browser. More information is available on this page.