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Automate to elevate series: studio tour

Located in Atlanta, GA, ORBITVU USA’s 3,000 sq. ft. demonstration and training studio, is equipped with all the latest ORBITVU automated photography solutions – for you to experience in-person or online.

Automate to elevate series: studio tourAutomate to elevate series: studio tour

As global leaders in photo automation technology we pride ourselves in being able to provide the support you need from the beginning all the way thru to you using and implementing Orbitvu technology. Come experience Orbitvu – our online demonstrations are very similar to how we train and support you once you purchase and start using our photo systems. See the systems side-by-side, capture images using any of the sample products we have in studio – or bring your own product to test out the photo systems.

The studio features the ALPHADESK – a self-contained, space-saving automated device, for fast and creative flat-lay photography of clothing, its elements and complete fashion compositions. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface is designed with new ways to interact with the device and software, for fast workflow and maximum operating convenience for fashion product photography.

The ALPHASHOT MICRO is perfect for photographing even the tiniest of products. It is the world’s most innovative compact photo studio for macro photography. Create professional still and 360° packshots as well as videos of small items, including jewelry, gemstones, coins, watches and similar small items up to 8″x 7″x 6″. It’s tightly integrated hardware, software and camera control, simplifies the digital content creation process and ensures consistent high-quality images every time!

The ALPHASHOT 360 is a compact all-in-one portable photographic studio that can create professional product shots, 360° spin and video presentations of small – medium sized objects, upto 12″x 12″x 12″, ranging from cosmetics to small electronics, eyewear and shoes. The automated image capture and processing workflow removes the background on the fly, reduces post-processing, and provides consistent pictures.

The ALPHASTUDIO COMPACT PRO is an automated product photography system with a unique background removal feature. Specifically designed for the photography of medium to large-sized objects; it can shoot static 2D product images, animated 360º presentations, and video. It’s compact space-saving design is flexible enough to shoot products ranging from small tools, to bags, and up to large suitcases, strollers and other similarly sized items.

Designed to be easy-to-use, efficient and versatile, the ALPHASTUDIO XXL is great for photographing products ranging from small to large items and even using live models. Equipped with oversized LED lighting, this complete automated photo studio solution ensures quality photography results for print, web and other marketing purposes.

The ALPHASHOT XL / XL PRO / XL Wine – v2. The ALPHASHOT XL is a line of all-in-one photo studios that feature automatic background removal and is available in three standard models to serve specific product photography needs. The product line can take static 2D product shots, animated 360º presentations, and video. With over 20 optional accessories to choose from, you can truly tailor the three systems to suit your products and workstyle to create consistent, high quality ready-to-be-used product images in an ultra-fast and efficient way on your eCommerce website.

And behind the black curtains – well you’ll have to wait and see what’s coming into that space soon! It’s BIG!

Want to bring your whole creative team – not a problem! Our studio conference table and lounge area provide the perfect team environment for your team to come together – whether you spend an hour or the whole day assessing our photo systems – the studio is able to accommodate, and even has space for you to bring your own product line to do a test photo shoot with them, and an area to bring in lunch for the team.

Struggling to get the whole team together – that’s not a problem! Our Live Online Demonstrations are the industries leading virtual experience. You can invite as many of your team to join your online demonstration using the meeting link, we send you when you set up your appointment. Want to see your product be shot. Go ahead and have your product shipped to the studio and we’ll open and shoot it right in front of you for you to see live!

We feature the industry’s best online demonstration experience. You can receive a full immersive experience into ORBITVU technology whether you visit us in-person or online. Use the button below to book your studio tour and photo system demo today. Select a time-slot from the studio calendar or fill out the request form to get started.

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