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Bright River & Orbitvu join forces to power up the evolution of visual content

The future of visual content has never seemed so bright. We’re proud to announce the partnership between Bright River and Orbitvu - two global leaders in the visual content industry. What can you expect from this collaboration, and how will it influence the creative process? Let’s find out!

The goal of the collaboration

Bringing together two such powerful brands can only mean one thing - that this collaboration has to be significant. And it is! We strive to build end-to-end solutions for various sectors of commerce, like fashion or labeled consumer goods.

Our ultimate goal is to transform the creation and management of visual content in a way that wasn’t possible before. First step? Image transfer integration. 

About Bright River

Established in 2006, Bright River is the provider of e2e visual product content solutions for many well-known e-commerce brands & retailers worldwide. With their scalable solutions, they empower businesses to boost revenue via successful online merchandising. 

What does it mean for the e-commerce industry?

As the leader in the automated product photography industry, we want to provide our clients with everything they need to effortlessly create rich visual content, whether it’s for the e-commerce website, social media platforms, or internal use. 

Imagine this - one place where you can effortlessly create content, organize it, do post-production, and export it wherever you want. No additional programs or subscriptions. That’s our goal.

This groundbreaking collaboration opens up new opportunities when it comes to visual content production. Together, we aim to streamline the content creation process, making it more efficient and quality-proof, which will impact not only the creative side of the business but will also be beneficial business-wise. Boost conversion rates and improved customer experience? Yes, please!

Stay tuned for future updates!