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Show your product in a new light!

The main and simpliest truth about product photography is the better your product looks, the more you will sell. So simple yet so difficult to achieve.

ring light Orbitvuring light Orbitvu

Even if you already use automated product photography devices, sometimes you deal with situations when it is hard to show the product as good as you and your clients wish. To bring the new light to your product, we have designed Ring light – the additional top light for Alphashot XL v2.

ring light Orbitvu Gif

What’s inside is important!

Ring light will let you lighten up the interior of your products. Why is it so important? Because while buying online your clients want to see how products like bags, helmets or shoes look inside. They need the confirmation that product they want to purchase will meet their expectation not only regarding the general, overall look but also regarding the functionality which can be sometimes hidden inside – like vent holes in the helmet.

Ring light can also help you achieve some natural shadow and better lighting for products that need centred top light.

infographic: product image with and without ring light  Orbitvu
infographic 2: product image with and without ring light  Orbitvu

Plug & Play

This design and engineering marvel is equipped with the same high power, long lifespan and low operation cost LEDs we use for all our cutting edge devices. You can control its intensity using our software Orbitvu Station. This accessory can be easily attached to the device by plugging in a ready-made cable.

ring light for product photography - Orbitvu

Check out how it works in our video:

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