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Fishing product photography challenge

In this product photography challenge, a client asked Mark and Diego to create an automated image capture workflow that allows for the capture of a fishing hook with clear fishing line attached (a mono-filament fishing line); automatically remove the background – without removing the fishing line; and auto generate three images, each with a different background.

Fishing Product PhotographyFishing Product Photography
The Fishing Line Challenge

They demonstrate how quickly this can be done – so do not blink – or else you will miss how easy and fast the image capture process is with Orbitvu technology!

Using the ALPHASHOT XL Pro v2 and one click of the capture button the ORBITVU Station photography software produces an image on a transparent background of the fishing line with hook while retaining the clear mono-filament.  If you are a photographer you will appreciate how hard this is to do.  In systems that provide auto background removal, clear products can be mistaken for background and be removed. The ORBITVU IQ MASK technology allows for perfect automated background removal of even the most challenging products.  After ensuring the image was good the Orbitvu USA team click publish to auto-generate three different images with three different backgrounds and output the files automatically to its preset destination.  The team shows the results of their hard work – two images on different colored backgrounds and one image on an imported background image of wooden boards.  They added shadow for good measure to each of them.

This automated workflow shows how you can shoot in a productive way for such a difficult product that is repeatable, fast and has consistent image quality!

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Fishing Product Photography
Hook yellow

Hook plank

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