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Future is Now - London. Experience the next generation of e-commerce photo studio technology

Brace yourself! Orbitvu is coming to FIN, this time in London! This latest series aims to provide insight into the latest e-commerce photo studio technology and workflow tools globally being implemented by studios both large and small. We are proud to partner with FIN for this event after a roaring success in LA, New York, and Atlanta. 

What is a FIN Studio Event?

A Future is Now — FIN Studio Event is an experience that brings together the visionaries in e-commerce, photography, and technology.

Think of it as a hub for businesses and professionals striving to explore and experience the latest industry trends, tools, and technologies.

FIN events are highly interactive. After all, it’s where e-commerce and creative professionals can discover practical, scalable, real-world ways to position their photo studios to be more efficient. FIN is the ultimate event for those who want to create stunning visual content and enhance their online shopping experiences.

For FIN London, Holborn Studios was an obvious choice. It’s a place full of film and photography history, where some of the biggest names have worked both in front and behind the camera. So, this e-commerce photo studio tech event had to happen there!

What can you expect from us at a FIN Studio Event?


Live Demonstrations

Visit Orbitvu’s studio workstations and get your own personalized demonstration in automated photography. Our studios are designed to cater to the needs of various industries - e-commerce, fashion, medicine, sport, cultural heritage, and jewelry. Thanks to this, you can achieve engaging visual content, including stills, 360° spins, or on-model videos of almost any products. 

Bring your own samples for hands-on live test shooting and witness the automation workflow. See for yourself how our equipment can transform your product photography process, helping you produce consistent and world-class visuals that will wow your audience.

Expert Insights

Our team of specialists will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in product photography and e-commerce. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, you’ll surely find something that will pique your interest. 

Networking Opportunities 

Meet up with other e-commerce and creative professionals, photographers, and industry experts. Exchange experiences and discover new ways that can help elevate your business and photo studio operations.


Meet the tech partners of FIN London

FIN event is, first and foremost, a unique experience that allows for interacting with world technology leaders who are not only there to showcase their solutions but also to share knowledge and help you figure out how it would work in your case. Whether you’re from the creative, studio operation, or even management team, these discussions will provide you with vital insights that you can implement to make your creative process more efficient and less time-consuming.


Canon is the worldwide leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions and systems in various markets. They cater to a whole range of industries, offering production printers, multifunction office systems, inkjet, and laser printers to cameras, video and cinematography equipment, network cameras, medical systems, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.


Bright/River is the provider of innovative visual product content solutions powered by AI-driven technology for many leading e-commerce brands and retailers. With their e2e, scalable solutions, from visual product content analysis and optimization to post-production image editing and CGI creation, Bright/River empowers businesses to increase revenue through effective online merchandising.

Capture One

Capture One provides photographers with the tools needed to smooth collaboration between clients and creatives, achieve world-class photos, and turn their visions into reality. Their offerings include the fastest tethered shooting in the industry, true-to-life color processing, and precise editing and collaborative tools.

Creative Force

Creative Force is the leading end-to-end workflow platform for e-commerce and editorial content production. Top brands, retailers, and commercial studios use Creative Force to scale creative production efficiently and deliver product photography, video, and copy at high volume. The brand is built with a “user-first” approach that increases studio efficiency, reduces production costs, and allows creative teams to do what they do best - create - without worrying about repetitive administrative tasks.

Tether Tools

Tether Tools is a design and manufacturing company providing innovative workstation solutions for photographers and filmmakers. The company offers photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered and directly transferring images (cabled or wirelessly) from your camera to the screen of your choice.


Calibrite is a provider of world-class solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers, and content creators who love color and want the very best tools for their color-critical creative process.


Event Details:

London, 21st of May, 2024, Holborn Studios, 49/50 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N1 7ED

We can't wait to meet you at a FIN Studio Event and showcase how Orbitvu’s products can elevate your e-commerce photography game. Whether you're an online retailer, a photographer, or simply passionate about e-commerce, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience.

For more information and to register, visit:

Follow on social media for the latest information, and stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements leading up to the event. See you there!

FIN Studio Event conquers Europe - see you soon, London!