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In-house product photography | User story: Jake Glimco, Phoenix Leather Goods

Jake Glimco, Marketing Manager for Phoenix Leather Goods (PLG), shares his experience in using the ORBITVU AlphaStudio XXL system for his company’s eCommerce product photography and why they chose to have an in-house photography solution.

Jake Glimco - In-house Product PhotographyJake Glimco In-house Product Photography

Phoenix Leather Goods is an online clothing and accessories retailer with two webstores: and They decided to invest in Orbitvu Photography Systems after seeing its capabilities in automation and it being a self-contained unit that could shoot all their products since they have such a wide range in size of products. The AlphaStudio XXL allowed them to shoot small-sized products using the Magic Table and shoot on full-size mannequins and have the option to have models sit in the studio.

The main problem that PLG were looking to solve by using the AlphaStudio, automated photography system was to find a solution that would allow them to bring their photography needs in-house as opposed to outsource a solution. They wanted to be able to create more product images per product, including multi-angle shots, better quality images and have an overall better photography experience for the private label brands that they are developing and for the new fashion brand they were launching.

Before they had the AlphaStudio XXL and the Orbitvu Station software at their disposal, PLG used to outsource their product photography solution. The process was slow because they would need to receive the products in-house first and then have to ship-it out to the outsource company. Communication would be delayed as they went back and forth with the outsource company and then they would have to wait for the product to come back in-house before they could sell it.

The AlphaStudio XXL has allowed them to create more images and type of digital assets for their products with a much quicker turnaround time. This has been especially important as they have been working to develop more custom label products and this solution gives them control and ownership of their brand’s onsite experience and on marketplaces. The solution really allows them to make their products shine! Their favorite feature is the Automatic Background Removal tool, that allows them to capture and put their products on a white background in one easy process. The white background is a requirement for selling on Amazon.

PLG are incredibly happy with the purchase of their AlphaStudio XXL and their experience in using the Orbitvu Station software.

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