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Join us at Photo Studio Operations Forum online!

We are excited to announce that Mark Duhaime from the ORBITVU USA team will be presenting “The Future is Now:  E-Comm Photo Automation is Key for Growing Productivity in Today’s Photo Studio” at the Photo Studio Operations Forum - an online event, on September 27, 2023 at 12:20pm EDT.

The exploding growth of on-line shopping puts increasing pressure on e-commerce photo studios to meet the demands of image production, including: 

  • high volume delivery of a variety of digital asset types, 
  • the need to improve quality and consistency;
  • and keeping overall studio operations within set budgets. 

Using automation e-commerce photo studios are streamlining their processes and addressing these challenges while scaling their operations for continued growth.  In this session learn:

  • How photo automation technology has evolved.
  • Who is automating and why?
  • Factors to consider when evaluating the implementation of automated photo solutions.
  • Barriers to technology adoption and how to overcome them.

ORBITVU is honored to be a sponsor of the Photo Studio Operations Forum, which is co-located with the Creative Operations, Creative Production and Design Operations events.  Registration is free for the first 250 registrants working in photo studio operations and includes access to all four events.The Photo Studio Operations Forum 2023 welcomes seasoned studio leaders to share  best practices and encourage fresh thinking while sharing their challenges and successes in developing and evolving an optimized, efficient, and agile photo/imaging studio. Speakers will provide ideas and actionable insights on boosting the output of your studio while delivering outstanding creative work efficiently, at scale, and on time. In addition to hosting a TechLab session, the ORBITVU USA team will be available online to demonstrate and answer your questions on automated product photography solutions.

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