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ORBITVU at IRCE 2017 in Chicago

The most innovative solution for product photography! 40 seconds! In just such a short time you will get 4 outstanding packshots with the background removed. Visit us at IRCE 2017 in Chicago- June, 6-9, STAND 1487 and find out how ORBITVU technology can support your e-commerce

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Your photography workflow simplified

The automated image capturing and processing workflow removes the background on the fly, reduces post-processing and delivers consistent pictures to be used online or for print. Automated photostudio from ORBITVU (ALPHASHOT, ALPHASTUDIO) provides automated imaging process which simply, saves your time and money.

5 seconds for web-ready picture!? The device equipped with powerful, complete software takes care of whole capturing process: from the proper camera and exposure settings to automated clipping, post-processing and export. As a result, you get a set of high-quality packshots or 360-degree product presentation. The performance is outstanding - it takes only 40 sec to get 4 ready to publish packshots or 2,5 for complete 360-degree product presentations.

IRCE 2017 invitation - visit ORBITVU

Automated background removal is the key

The background is removed instantly.There is no need of additional clipping.It works well regardless of product colour, shape or transparency.


Great product experience is crucial for successful e-commerce. Use interactive 360º presentations and let your customers experience the product online in the most natural way.


The object in an image is automatically cropped. Extra margins are added and product is positioned in the picture according to your style guidelines.

Your e-commerce needs Orbitvu right now.

In-house solution

Photograph your products by yourself in your office or warehouse. There’s no more need to send goods to a professional photo studio or outsource editing services.

For everyone

Predefined setup for lights and camera, automatic background removal and built-in post-processing allows everyone to achieve high-quality results in very short time. Photography skills are no longer required, as well as additional work within photo editing software.

Pictures delivered on time

A very simple and fast imaging process brings product presentation online. You can start selling right after products are brought to the warehouse.

Professional results