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Orbitvu Station 19.1. New tools to boost productivity

While using Orbitvu Station took your Orbitvu device to the next level, the new 19.1 makes working on visual content creation even more convenient. Export multiple sessions with batch publish. Get better photos with “Adaptive contrast” tool. Use video templates to achieve consistent videos and upload them directly to YouTube. Work more intuitively with the refreshed user interface.

Orbitvu Station 19.1. Orbitvu Station 19.1.


PUBLISH allows you to export and upload at the same time and thus save a lot of time.

With BATCH PUBLISH simply choose multiple sessions with your assets (photos, videos, 360-degree spins) and select one or more publish profiles to output your files to preferred destinations (local drive, Orbitvu SUN cloud, e-commerce plugin or youtube).

Adaptive contrast

Introducing the new tool that helps to achieve high-quality images easily – works like magic with a single slider control and its settings can be stored within a template to work fully automatically.

Adaptive contrast brings more vivid colors, renders more detail in textures and dark areas, boosts the overall contrast while preserving highlights and colors from clipping.

flat lay product photography
shoe product photography - overall contrast while preserving highlights and colors from clipping

YouTube upload

Want to upload your videos on YouTube? Now you can do it directly from the application.

New Video template - Orbitvu Station 19.1.2

New ways to work with a friendlier User Interface


We have added some UI updates to make working with Orbitvu Station even more convenient.

  •  Create a new session directly from the toolbar with a more intuitive and clear pop-up window
Orbitvu Station - intuitive and clear pop-up window
  •  Check out the session information and work progress in Publish details window
Orbitvu Station - publish details window
  •  Setup capture positions at 1-degree precision with the new UI for turntable control
Orbitvu Station - Setup capture positions at 1-degree precision

Speed up your workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great tool to speed up your workflow and quickly access the most used software controls – e.g. hit ENTER to capture the whole sequence of images, CTRL+N to create a new session, CTRL+S to save the session or ?  to rotate turntable by 1° left.


Download Orbitvu  Station 19.1

Orbitvu Station is free of charge for all clients with an active support plan. If you want to try our new software but you do not have the support plan, please activate it on your SUN account at or contact our sales forces at [email protected].

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