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ORBITVU in use | Case study

Showing off the company's products to the customers is important, as the first impression is what matters the most for potential customers. Even if this sounds like a well-worn truism, many online shop owners find this puzzling.

Shoe product imageShoe product image

Online shops replace shopping centers

A few years back, consumers looking to buy a certain product would have simply headed off to the nearby shopping center to purchase the items they needed. With the dawn of the Internet permeating almost all aspects of human life, this is no longer the case. Yet, thus far customers looking for certain items online have been unable to check the product inside and out, which was the case with brick and mortar stores.
This was the case with a German company named Schuhplus, selling plus size footwear all over Europe. The owners have been trying to find the way to provide perfect product pictures. (How to reduce returns in e-commerce)


As Georg Mahn, the Strategy Management Director at Schuhplus explains, it is a situation where the product should be presented in a way that lures customers to spend money. This is self-explanatory, yet it required a lot of time and effort, meaning that Schuhplus owners were forced to spend considerable sums on product photography. This is not the case anymore – right now, they are able to provide high-quality pictures without having to pay top dollar for it!

[OnScreen] Produktbilder: Schuhplus setzt auf automatisierte Produktfotografie

Digital tools to the rescue!

The CEO of the company, Kay Zimmer, points to the fact that they purchasing Alphashot by Orbitvu helped them tackle the problem.
The device is incredibly easy to operate so even amateurs can use it. It deals with all the aspects of creating a good product picture in no time! For instance, it takes less than 3 minutes to create 36 images with colour adjustments, cropping, scaling or even automatically removed background. Plus to that, these images are ready to be exported to the online shop. A process that previously took some 20 minutes, now requires 3 minutes at maximum! (Shoe product photography)

Better images at a lower price

Not only did Alphashot let the company save time but also reduce their spending on photography – right now, Schuhplus neither need to outsource the whole process nor maintain a studio. Instead, they use a simple device that does all the work, reducing the costs at the same time. Using Alphashot makes it possible to create a 360° view of every item. As a result, the images not only let the customers see the shoe as if they were in a shop but also meet the standards set by the online retailers (like Amazon). No need to mention that it saves lots of time!

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