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Automate all steps of shoe product photography creation: taking, editing and uploading photos online.


Different types of content

Create eye-catching packshots, 360° spins and videos in a single device


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Use one device with 7 images per product, without compromising quality.

Capture, edit, upload online in minutes

If you are running an online shoe store, you probably know by now how long it takes to create professional-looking shoe product photography to edit it and publish online. Using Orbitvu automated photography solutions, you’ll significantly speed up this process so that new photos, 360 ° presentations, or product videos can be uploaded to your website in just minutes.


  • Optimized workflow. By integrating all-in-one photo studio with innovative software, you will smoothly go through the steps of creating and publishing visual content.
  • Significantly reduced photo and video editing process. The Orbitvu Station application includes advanced features such as automated background removal to help you reduce post-production, or even eliminate it.
  • Settings’ templates to load the content creation process parameters with just one click. You can use the templates prepared by us, or create your own.

How it works

led for product photography

Win over your customer’s heart with quality shoe product photography

Unlike the retail market, online customers do not get an opportunity to have a close look at the shoe. They only have product images and videos as a decisive factor. Provide your customers with optimal shopping experience thanks to high-quality packshots, 360° spins and videos. With Orbitvu automated solutions, you can create all of that fast and without effort, even without extensive photography knowledge.


  • Quality that counts. Orbitvu advanced photographic equipment with built-in professional LED lighting allows you to get high-quality shoe product photography and video while maintaining true colors, texture and shape of the footwear.
  • Seamless post-production. Our application is packed with excellent editing tools to give your visual content an extra edge. 
  • 360° spins and product videos to showcase the shoe in the best possible ways, in motion and from every angle.

Sneakers, heels, high-boots… the world of shoes presents a variety of styles, and hence, different photographic requirements. When designing our solutions, we strive to cater to the various product needs, even those that are the most difficult to photograph.


  • From slippers to high-boots: each Orbitvu photographic device recommended for the footwear industry allows you to efficiently photograph shoes of various sizes.
  • Lighting that matches specific shoes’ needs. With eight independently controlled LED panels, you can create light to showcase the uniqueness of all your products. 
  • More possibilities to adapt to individual needs and work style thanks to the vast selection of useful accessories.


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