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PackshotCreator is now powered by Orbitvu!

In 2003, PackshotCreator team pioneered the first automated packshot studio. It was a time when the need for images and visuals was nothing like what it has become due to the skyrocketing demand for digital visual content.

PackshotCreator is now powered by Orbitvu!PackshotCreator is now powered by Orbitvu!

After two decades, with more than 15000 customers, PackshotCreator has become a market leader and a recognized expert striving to offer their customers the most efficient solutions. Willing to stay true to this path, PackshotCreator is now teaming up with Orbitvu, the world leader in automated product photography.

Orbitvu journey to becoming a World Leader in Automated Product Photography

Orbitvu has been changing the face of content production for more than a decade.The company managed to combine the best elements of traditional photography with state of the art hardware and software engineering. With more than 150 employees worldwide and 4000 m² of production facilities located in Europe, Orbitvu is at the forefront of digital imaging technology expansion. 

Technological advances in automated photography have led to the development of sophisticated systems, such as automated shooting platforms, image processing software, software-based complete camera control, and multi-export. These solutions are the fruit of continuous market evolution. But innovation didn’t stop there. The most advanced background removal system, high-quality LED lighting, multi-export, multi-camera row - these are just a few of many other cutting-edge technologies by Orbitvu. 

Orbitvu has always been the first one to offer the most advanced technologies. For over 10 years, Orbitvu solutions have offered the best image quality, but above all, a fantastic workflow thanks to R&D competencies that are unique on a global scale.

All the above mentioned reasons make it possible for Orbitvu customers to create 360° photos in less than 90 seconds, which significantly reduces the need for post-production.

Orbitvu unmatched Durability, Attention to Detail, and Customer Satisfaction

Orbitvu solutions are also built to last. That’s why Orbitvu devices that are several years old often work really well today. Durability is a testament to Orbitvu excellent workmanship and high-quality materials.

Orbitvu is also known for their attention to detail. Every aspect of studio design is carefully considered. Paying attention to small details ensures that every element performs at its best, contributing to the excellent overall quality of Orbitvu solutions.

And lastly, Orbitvu cares about customer satisfaction. The users of automated photo studios are generally very satisfied with their solution. Client satisfaction is an important indicator of product quality, and in the case of Orbitvu, it's generally very high. 

Common Goals & Values pave the way to Strong Collaboration

Both Packshot Creator and Orbitvu are Europe-based companies that share common values regarding environmental, social and corporate responsibility. 

"In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, dynamics are constantly shifting. To stay ahead, businesses must display a unique agility, adapting quickly to mirror the ever-changing consumer preferences that play a crucial role in driving sales and boosting conversions," emphasizes Laurent Wainberg, CEO of PackshotCreator. "Our collaboration with Orbitvu is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality. We're not only thrilled but also deeply committed to assuring our clients that the solutions we provide, powered by Orbitvu, stand out not just for their exceptional global performance. They also reflect the precision and craftsmanship that Europe is renowned for."

Both companies also have the same goal in mind: to elevate businesses with cutting-edge automated content.

"Collaboration with PackshotCreator is strategically significant for us, especially on the French market. It reflects our joint dedication to offer the best customer service and top-tier automated product photography solutions", emphasizes Adriana Zylla, Head of Marketing at Orbitvu. "We're confident this alliance will set a new industry standard and provide a unique value for our customers."