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Qoo10 JAPAN Live Studio powered by Orbitvu!

On February 28th, 2023, we participated in the prestigious Qoo10 JAPAN - Live Studio event opening in Shibuya, Tokyo. This extraordinary gathering marked the launch of eBay Japan’s pilot project, and Orbitvu played a key role by delivering innovative solutions for the Live Shopping Studio. 

What is this event, and how did Orbitvu contribute to the success of it? Let’s see!

 Qoo10 JAPAN Live Studio powered by Orbitvu! Qoo10 JAPAN Live Studio powered by Orbitvu!

What is live shopping?

Live shopping is a fun and interactive way to shop that blends the instant gratification of live video with the thrill of online shopping. Imagine your favorite social media influencer or brand hosting a live stream where they showcase products, perform demonstrations, answer questions in real-time, and actually help you make a choice by exchanging experiences with the product. 

As an online shopper, you can watch, interact, virtually try on things, and make purchases right on the spot, all from the comfort of your home. Live shopping turns the solitary act of clicking through a website into an engaging and social experience.

The beginning of the Qoo10 JAPAN Live Shopping

In 2021, Qoo10 JAPAN launched live shopping. Qoo10 JAPAN was always ahead of its time, selling the most fashionable items in the most engaging way possible. Thanks to the interactive format of the Qoo10 JAPAN’s live shopping, the customers could see, hear, and participate in the event, which boosted their experience. 

As the live shopping grew, Qoo10 JAPAN decided to open a studio with dedicated video and 360 photography automation to maintain the quality and deliver live shopping to customers daily. 

Qoo10 JAPAN Live Studio powered by Orbitvu

Experience scaling across Asia and globally

Powered by Orbitvu, the Live Shopping Studio is part of eBay Japan’s Qoo10 JAPAN - Live Studio project, aiming to introduce a new dimension to online shopping by seamlessly merging the digital world with the customer’s real-life experience. The concept is set to scale across the entire Asian region and subsequently globally, bringing a revolution in modern in-store shopping, leaving behind catalog-driven e-commerce.

Orbitvu’s part in Qoo10 JAPAN Live Shopping

Qoo10 JAPAN Live Studio is supported by Orbitvu’s innovative solutions, including the Fashion Studio for live-streaming with influencers, Alphashot Micro, Alphashot XL, and Alphastudio XXL for creating immersive 360 visual content during streaming that engages customers to spend more time with products and brands. Orbitvu automated devices are game changers for the online shopping experience. These all-in-one solutions allow consistent and comparable visual content in interchangeable formats, including 360-degree spins, stills, and videos. The products can be shown on models or shot on virtual mannequins to enable try-ons as a video, with 360 close-ups of accessories. There’s also a possibility of high-quality still photos - all linked directly to purchase & shopping baskets driving very high conversion rates and substantially lower, if any, returns.

Who was present?

Among the honorary guests, C-level executives from eBay included Jahyun Koo - VP, Country Manager; JaeDon Kim - Director, Head of Marketing Unit; and Tae Eun Kim - Director, Business Operations Unit.

While the representatives from Orbitvu included Noah Lim (CEO of Orbitvu Japan), Arkadiusz Froń (Global Commercial Operations Officer), and Sofia Lelakowska (Head of Asia-Pacific).

Throughout the event, numerous well-known influencers from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle contributed to support the idea of an immersive shopping experience. 

Overall, Orbitvu’s participation in Qoo10 JAPAN - Live Studio in Japan marks a milestone in the evolution of online shopping, opening new perspectives for a new era shopping experience. It’s a collaborative effort between eBay Japan and Orbitvu, transforming traditional e-commerce into a captivating fusion of the digital and real worlds.