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Revolutionizing textile product photography with Orbitvu: A case study with Bármitartó

As e-commerce continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality product photography has escalated, particularly in industries where visual details are crucial for consumer decisions. For companies dealing with textile products, where texture and color accuracy are super important, achieving studio-quality product photography can be tough. Textile and yarn retailers, in particular, face unique challenges due to the tactile nature of their products.

See how Orbitvu’s automated product photography systems are transforming the way textiles are showcased online, featuring a case study with Bármitartó, an e-commerce store specializing in t-shirt yarns and weaving products.

The challenge of color accuracy

Eszter Szentesi, owner of Bármitartó.hu, faced significant challenges in replicating the tactile shopping experience of a physical store online. “Our customers couldn’t touch our products, so the online images had to be perfect—color accurate and visually appealing,” Eszter explains. 

Before incorporating Orbitvu’s solution, Bármitartó relied on mobile phone photography with all kinds of improvised lighting. This resulted in inconsistency and the need for extensive post-production efforts just to achieve barely satisfactory results. And there still remained the problem of the gray backgrounds and removing the shadows.

Why Orbitvu

Orbitvu’s devices are the perfect blend of cutting-edge software and hardware to capture detailed, 360-degree views of textile products. Thanks to Orbitvu Station, the users don’t have to do image editing tasks such as background removal, color correction, and shadow reduction - it’s all automated. The templates of all the settings allow users to achieve unprecedented repeatability of shots, making the creative process highly scalable. 

In short, post-production is a breeze, while the results are consistent and of high quality, which in turn helps in reducing the number of returns and increasing the conversion rate. Exactly what the brand wanted.

Orbitvu’s impact on Bármitartó effectiveness

The integration of Orbitvu’s automated photography equipment marked a turning point for Bármitartó. 'Oh my God, I've been looking for a solution, which allows me to take product photos in a few seconds with perfect lighting for five years,' admits Eszter Szentesi.

The Orbitvu system not only optimized the photographic process but also eliminated the need for time-consuming post-production. “What used to take 30 minutes per frame in post-production now takes mere seconds to capture perfectly with Orbitvu,” says Eszter. This dramatic reduction in effort and time has allowed Bármitartó to focus more on customer service and scaling the business.

Because automated product photography is about creating a scalable, reproducible system that ensures quality and consistency—essential for online stores like Bármitartó, which constantly updates its product listings.

Core values of Orbitvu solutions for textile photography

Orbitvu’s technology is specifically advantageous for textile photography. Its systems provide consistent, studio-quality lighting and precise color accuracy, which are crucial for capturing the intricate textures of yarns and fabrics. The automated setup allows for quick changes between shots, which is ideal for handling large inventories typical in the textile industry.

What does it mean for Bármitartó?

Since adopting Orbitvu’s automated solutions, Bármitartó has noticed a significant boost in customer satisfaction and a decrease in product returns. “Our online presentations now truly reflect the quality of our products, leading to more confident purchases,” Eszter reports. 

Additionally, the improved quality of the product images has enhanced Bármitartó’s marketing efforts, from social media campaigns to email newsletters, driving an increase in both conversions and overall revenue.

All in all

The case of Bármitartó is a testament to how advanced photography solutions like Orbitvu can transform an online textile business. The ability to produce high-quality, color-accurate product photos quickly and efficiently is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s competitive market. Orbitvu’s systems provide a compact, easy-to-use solution that meets the high standards of textile retailers and helps them thrive in the digital age.

Alphashot 360, the choice of the Bármitartó brand, was made to optimize product photography and shorten the time-to-market. And it delivers on both.  

Explore how Orbitvu can revolutionize your product photography. Visit our website or contact us directly to see how our automated solutions can enhance your online presence and boost your sales.

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