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See the power of product photography automation!

See the power of product photography automation for yourself – after all seeing is believing! Orbitvu USA will open their Atlanta based, 3,000 sq. ft studio virtually for open studio demonstrations of ORBITVU’s product photography systems on Zoom, on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm EDT.  

Product Photography Automation!Product Photography Automation!

ORBITVU takes the best from traditional product photography and combines it with advanced software and hardware innovations.  During this online event, the USA team will demonstrate how efficiently creating informative and captivating product imagery can be! Learn how their systems can help you create consistent high-quality visual content, including still, 360/3D photos and video, to enable consumers to make more informed buying decisions, resulting in lower returns.  Most importantly the USA team will show you how to streamline your imaging workflows so you can save costs, and valuable time to meet target photography KPIs.

Virtual Open Studio Demos

The event will feature a range of Orbitvu photo studio machines to photograph a variety of product types, to create a variety of visual content, including:

  • FASHION STUDIO – the ultimate automated photography studio for all your visual content needs for ecommerce and other creative work. 
  • ALPHADESK – Create perfect flat lay product photos and creative compositions with automatic background removal, to capture top view photos of clothes, accessories, tiles, or fabrics etc…
  • ALPHASTUDIO XXL – the all-in-one photography solution for capturing fashion products on live models or mannequin, and product shots and 360-spins of large products.
  • ALPHASTUDIO COMPACT PRO – a complete photo solution with motorized turntable and integrated lighting, requiring little space for creating high-quality product shots, 360° spins and videos of medium-sized products. 
  • ALPHASHOT XL – The most flexible, efficient, and in-house photography solution to get the perfect image of any product type, including still images, 360 spins and video.
  • ALPAHSOT 360 – the all-in-one product photography solution for small products such as cosmetics, eyewear, mobile phones etc.
  • ALPHASHOT MICRO! The new and improved all-in-one macro photography studio, that lets you create great product shots, 360° spins and videos of jewelry, watches, and other highly reflective products.
Orbitvu devices

Registration is required and a Zoom link will be emailed 24hrs before event starts.  This event will not be live-streamed or shared on social media, therefore registration at the link below is the only way to receive a link to join the session.  We hope to see you there 😊!

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