Automated Photography Solutions



Automated product photography system with a unique background removal feature. It can take static 2D product images, animated 360º presentations, and video. Flexible for products ranging from small tools, to bags, and up to large suitcases and other similarly sized items.

Max Object dimension: 80x70x130cm Max object weight: 100 kg Use: packshot, video & 360° AUTOMATED SOLUTION FOR STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, 360° AND VIDEO

  • Automatic 360° image capture
  • Image with background removed in seconds
  • Direct image upload to your e-shop

    Easy to use and advanced. Makes it easy to shoot professional images by non photographers.


    ORBITVU technology uses the full power of modern CPUs, as it engages each and every core. Consequently, several tasks can be performed at the same time in the background -- while the work pace is simply incomparable to anything else (even for very high-resolution images).


    Do you want to repeat the same shot? The reference image will be placed on a Live View product, which is exactly what you want to photograph. This allows for the placement of the product in the same position and cropping becomes exceptionally easy.


    A graphic artist removes the background from a photo in 10 minutes (not counting the time of its execution). ORBITVU removes the background in just 3 seconds. Without human intervention, without additional steps. Background of the products is removed already during the shooting.


    With Auto Cropping, the software detects automatically the size of the subject, composes the shot: adds margins, scales and positions it. As a result, you consistent images across the whole web site.


    Without the photographic knowledge and skills, you will be able to create professional photographs and presentations. We have developed templates for your light settings and advanced camera settings which work best for photographing different categories of objects. Would you like to create and save all on your own? All this to accelerate your speed to the max while making your work easy.

  • M-VIEW

    Thanks to the Multi-View, the method and display technology automatically adjust to the device bearing no effect on the time you open the presentation.

  • 360°
  • Packshots
The most photographed objects:
Home decor
Works of art



Specification ALPHASTUDIO
Max. size of photographed object [WxHxD] 80 x 70 x 130 cm (31,5” x 27,5 x 51”)
Max. load 100 kg
Front lights CRI 95+
Top lights CRI 95+
Bottom/back light CRI 93+
Laser pointer 2 linear lasers
Camera connection USB Type A
PC connection USB Type B
Output still image format Png, jpeg, RAW (as shot by camera) + png mask
360° image output formats HTML5, animated GIF
Output video file format AVI, MP4, direct upload to YouTube
Export Simple user defined mode; advanced xml file defined
Camera connection YES, up to 5 cameras (Canon only)
SUN hosting package "E-commerce 6G", 1 year
Dimensions [WxHxD] 132x182x163cm (52” x 71” x 64”)
Weight nett 280 kg
Power supply 100-230V AC 1500W
OS compatibility macOS 10.12 or later, Windows 7 or later
Camera stand Manfrotto stand + XPRO head


    • Manfrotto Mini Salon 190 with X-PRO Gear Head (included)
      • Positioning lasers (included)
        • Motorised hanging kit (optional)
          • Magic table for small objects (optional)
            • Top camera attachment (optional)
              • Motorised control for camera zoom (optional)
                • Black/white reflectors (optional)
                • Download