The Ultimate Automotive Photography Solution

Elevate your car parts photography with Orbitvu's cutting-edge solutions. Our specialized equipment and studio setup empower you to present the products with unmatched clarity, precision, and impact.

From showcasing intricate parts to captivating inventory images, Orbitvu revolutionizes your automotive product presentation.

Automotive Product Images

Explore the benefits of introducing Orbitvu for car parts photography

spare parts product photo

Capture spare parts faster than ever

Make the most out of your spare parts photography with streamlined image capture, post-production, and export functions. Our automated software seamlessly manages all studio operations, ensuring effortless and productive content creation.

Industrial product photography is made simple and easy with Orbitvu's car parts photography solutions. Advanced software features help you seamlessly shoot, produce and publish quality images for increased productivity and heightened operations. Enjoy synchronized cameras and built-in post-production tools for an efficient workflow. The motorized, 360-degree turntable captures brilliant stills and creates interactive rotating pictures for maximum customer engagement.

spare parts product photo studio

Boost awareness & improve inventory management with consistency

Generate top-notch images of car parts and spare parts while maintaining a uniform appearance and feel using our predefined templates.

This consistent visual identity across all photographs and videos will contribute to raising brand recognition. Plus, it’s helpful during inventory control - everything is sorted out, has a part number, and is included in the inventory - so it’s easier to search for the needed part.

spare parts product photo

Adapt the solution to your needs

Orbitvu solutions can be fully customized to match your requirements for inventory photography.

Our devices give you complete creative control over the process and an adaptable interface that effortlessly aligns with your level of expertise.

spare parts product photo

Support your staff in tedious, time-consuming tasks

Our solutions are designed to facilitate the work of everyone involved in product photography, whether photographers or operators. 
Orbitvu’s automation and functionalities offer optimal work comfort and convenience for your staff across the board:

  • The software guides inexperienced operators in creating detailed product photos
  • The solutions offer functional precision for photographers who want to take product photos showcasing the unique features of the parts 
  • An ergonomic PC stand with an embedded screen makes the operator’s work more comfortable 
Automotive product photo software

Get a flexible device for your automotive content

We recognize the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of automotive parts photography. This awareness has driven us to develop a range of devices designed to enhance content creation for car parts photography, catering to various scales and sizes.

car parts photography

Automotive Photography Techniques

Automotive photography highlights every component of car components and other industrial parts, using advanced lighting and strategic angles to create bright, superior images that fit the brand's voice and quality. Orbitvu helps you shoot, produce and publish studio-quality images in house, saving time and money throughout every stage of the process:

  • Create a new project in the Orbitvu station software for easy referencing and inventory management.
  • Position components easily with help from the laser point — spare parts photography is all about positioning and balance. 
  • Adjust the LED lighting for optimal image visibility. For highly reflective items, utilize additional tools to soften the effect.
spare parts photography
  • Create clear, crisp still images, 360-degree photos and videos for maximum engagement. An automated photography system highlights automotive parts best. 
  • Experiment with different takes and angles for clear results.
  • Create uniformity for your brand and throughout similar marketing campaigns with templates. Consider an appropriate template for the same lighting and camera settings.
  • Leverage technology — software effortlessly removes the background during capturing while retaining natural shadows for a clean look.

Car parts photography and industrial product imagery demand high-quality results. Flawlessly create 360-degree images, take clear stills and brilliant flat lay photos that retain natural lighting, shadows and depth.

Get fully interactive solutions that increase customer engagement, views and conversion rates. Highlight special and unique characteristics or showcase important features that boost sales.

Scalable and flexible, our industrial product photography solutions will fit your business and industry needs. Whether you need to capture small, more intricate items or bigger, bulkier inventory, you can seamlessly integrate auto parts photography into your current workflow. For full product spins, detailed stills and product videos, choose the best options for you.


industrial photography

Benefit from efficient, advanced industrial product photography that elevates your online presence and boosts revenue.

Generate world-class, top-quality automotive photography for added brand visibility and reputation. Stay ahead by publishing industry trends as they happen. Create impactful images with state-of-the-art, reactive cameras and lighting along with integrated hardware and software.

Pick the right Orbitvu device for your type of automotive product photography

Alphashot 360

Alphashot 360

An intuitive 360° photography studio for various objects, such as cosmetics, eyewear, or mobile phones.

Alphashot XL

Alphashot XL

An all-in-one photo solution for producing 360° spins of different types and sizes of objects.

Alphastudio Compact

Alphastudio Compact

An ideal choice for medium-sized product packshot 360° spins.

Not sure which device to choose?

We are always happy to answer your questions. Book an online or live demo via our contact form and let us help you choose the solution that’s best suited to your fashion product photography requirements.

Orbitvu makes spare parts photography effortless

Software & Hardware

The seamless integration of our proprietary software and hardware automates your image production without sacrificing any quality, control, or precision.

Lighting Zones

Benefit from side lamps sliding front and back, and overall, individually controlled high-power light panels for true colors, the ability to show more details, and a long life span.

Motorized Camera

The motorized camera stand provides complete and repeatable control of the camera's tilt angle, height, and zoom position — all directly from the operator interface.

Engage your audience and increase conversions
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Inspire confidence and reduce returns

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