Streamlined process 

Integration of camera, lights, turntable. Automated background removal, edit and publish.

90 sec's

From shelf to the online store

With automated features for all steps of the electronics product photography workflow.


Products captured every day
Using one device, with 7 images per product, without compromising the quality.

Electronics product photography - describe your products with images not words

A multutitude of details to be captured might be a challenge when it comes to photographing the electronic devices. With Orbitvu’s fully equipped photo studios you can present technical description thorough product photos. 


  • High-quality lighting and automated photo- editing tools for true colour, shape and texture projection. 
  • 360° spins and videos for a complete, interactive view.
  • Multiple angles/views within one template for efficient workflow and consistent output. 
  • Orbit tour to add interactive hotspots and descriptions to key product details – connectors, buttons or coolers for instance.

How it works

mockup electronics product photography

Create Amazon and e-commerce ready images in seconds

Using Orbitvu’s solutions you will create product images that meet all requirements for platforms like eBay or Amazon while keeping efficient workflow.  


  • Multiple output files from a single source with predefined naming convention, resolution, margins, etc.
  • Background removed instantly while capture.
  • One software for the whole process from capture to publish online. 
  • All photo equipment needed to produce eye-catching electronics product photography.

Electronics retail requires various products to be photographed in no time. To evolve your electronics product photography process we have created solutions to speed up photo and video production. 


  • Range of automated product photography devices for all products sizes.
  • Easy to scale up when desired. One workstation for 150 products every day.
  • Integration of top-shelf hardware and reliable software for the smooth process. 
  • Gives flexibility when dealing with mass photo production, encourages editorials and design photos.


Streamline visual content
mass production

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