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You're a busy business owner and need to stay updated about the latest trends. You need an automated, streamlined photography system to increase your revenue and keep costs low. We at Orbitvu understand the need for an automated eyewear photography setup that is efficient and easy to use. Now, you can bring expert studio standards in-house with our Alphashot 360.


Eyewear PhotographyEyewear Photography

Dive into the benefits of Orbitvu's eyewear photography solutions

Maximize your brand

Present your products through vivid images that speak to your brand's affinity for quality and efficiency. Highlight your commitment to bringing your customers unrivaled experiences by showcasing trendy eyewear products as they launch. Express the style and signature of your brand with high-quality photos and videos.

Clear and crisp picture quality, every time

The Alphashot 360 is a software-controlled device that is both easy to use and saves on space. Optimized for taking pictures of small products, such as eyewear, the Alphashot 360 delivers crisp, clear images every time. Glasses and sunglasses are intricate products to photograph. Their glare and unique designs need innovative solutions to capture clear imagery. A device that can control lighting and product positioning can effectively save you time and extra costs. 

Custom templates for efficiency

Get complete control over your workflow with custom templates. Our Orbitvu Station software saves your templates and preferences. You can resume working with these automatically for your next production. From shots to publication, consistent results will ensure you get your desired results on time, every time.

Manage the hardware & software from your laptop

You don't need to control each aspect of the photography sessions separately — you can manage the entire process from your laptop. Control lighting, product positions and angles remotely. As you capture your images, the software automatically removes the background. You can also seamlessly publish your work to your online store, website or for printing.

Full view images

The Alphashot 360 lets you take photographs of your eyewear from all angles without glare. Capture details with seamless clarity for optimal conversion. Control the entire process from one device, saving time. For added precision, our product positioning kit helps you get your stock in the perfect position each time with the help of a laser pointer. Now, you can deliver high-resolution images from any angle perfectly.

Interactive photography

Turn your still pictures into compelling, eye-catching video content. As your stock spins on the turntable, the Alphashot 360 takes 36 still images over a span of 90 seconds. The software then creates an interactive rotating presentation that you can save as a video. You can seamlessly upload your videos to your online catalog.

Optimized specifications

With a 59 cm turntable and a maximum object size of 30 cm all around, you're sure to get the perfect 360-degree rotating eyewear photograph every time. The robust LED lights will stay true to your stock's natural colors and nuances. Get crisp, authentic, interactive and bright pictures. Camera movements are controlled and seamless, so you won't need to adjust or re-adjust to get the perfect angle. 

Focus stacked images

Focus stacking shows the product in all its sharpness. Use the special Superfocus function to extend the depth of field while maintaining image quality and capturing photos at optimal aperture settings.

Optimized for smaller products

Smaller images are the most difficult to photograph. They require the correct background, detailed captures, optimal lighting and product positioning. We created the Alphashot 360 for this and so much more. Our proprietary software, Orbitvu Station, automatically removes and edits the background. Thanks to our premium technology, the camera easily captures small products with important details. LED lighting illuminates from any angle, even as the item rotates.

Scalability with efficiency in mind

Save time and overhead costs as the Orbitvu Station software saves and automates your settings. Shoot, produce and publish your stock in one go. Never miss a deadline due to production or editing deadlocks. Our highly scalable system helps you to repeat your shots and stay updated with consumer demands. 

The process is easy:

  1. Complete setting up the Alphashot 360 and Orbitvu Station software on your laptop by scanning the barcode.
  2. Place your eyewear on the turntable.
  3. Select your template, which will use your predefined settings like cropping, lighting, postproduction and camera settings.
  4. Press the button to start capturing your images.
  5. Our unique IQ Mask technology removes the background as the Alphashot takes pictures. 

Your settings are saved for the next time you shoot. It's that easy! 

Orbitvu is your trusted partner in scalable digital imagery

With Orbitvu, eyewear photography is made simple. You can capture brilliant stills and produce interactive videos of your eyewear with a single click. Take advantage of every trend to capitalize on and increase your revenue. Orbitvu is paving the way to make capturing stills and interactive videos as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Get the best photography for your business or e-commerce store and reach more consumers. 

When you do business with Orbitvu, you gain a trusted partner. Our dedicated after-sales training and customer support confirm our commitment to you. Visit our contact page to get a quote or request a call online.

Meet the dedicated Orbitvu device for eyewear product photography

Alphashot 360

Alphashot 360

An intuitive 360° photography studio for various objects, such as cosmetics, eyewear, or mobile phones.

Alphashot XL

Alphashot XL

An all-in-one photo solution for producing 360° spins of different types and sizes of objects.

Not sure which device to choose?

We are always happy to answer your questions. Book an online or live demo via our contact form and let us help you choose the solution that’s best suited to your fashion product photography requirements.

See how simple eyewear product photography can be

Software & Hardware

The seamless integration of our proprietary software and hardware automates your image production without sacrificing any quality, control, or creativity.

Lighting Zones

Enjoy true colors and a long life span with six independently-controlled, high-power, individual light panels.

Anti-Reflection Kit

Achieve soft, diffused light and control unwanted reflections. Made of neutral-colored polycarbonate, it has two camera openings for variable camera angle adjustment.

Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features

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