Streamlined process 

Integration of camera, lights, turntable. Automated background removal, edit and publish.


Live model photo sets per day

Give your apparel a new level of character and shape.


Fashion dedicated devices

For fashion product photography, videos, live model and flat lay photos.

Fashion product photography faster than ever

It is crucial for products to go online in a timely fashion. Our aim is to automate as many manual steps of clothing product photography as possible from the time of capture to the moment it is displayed online.


  • Load the photography workflow settings from the templates. Save time, effort no matter whether you photograph clothes, shoes or accessories.
  • Share templates and simplify collaboration between multiple operators while preserving consistent results.
  • Get web-ready packshots with background removed instantly during capture. 

How it works

led for product photography

Show your apparel products as they really are

Attractive imagery is what sells fashion online. Accurate rendering of textures, details and colour accuracy increases conversion and decreases returns. Orbitvu’s photo equipment for the fashion industry has what it takes to create trustworthy packshots your clients appreciate.


  • High-quality LED lamps for optimal lighting and real-life colours.
  • Preset light set-ups for various visual styles of your product photos. 
  • Editing tools to boost clarity, sharpness, colour rendering.

When running online clothes or shoe store it is essential to let customers see your products in action. Orbitvu’s provides complete tools to produce multiple visual contents depending on your e-commerce style and needs. 


  • Videos and 360° spins for more engaging fashion visual content. 
  • Live models or ghost mannequins photos and videos to showcase a garment’s shape.
  • Flat lay photography for the fastest packshots production or to create visual content to share on social media.


Clothing product photography with the real feel

The workforce is the powerhouse of success

There would be no fashion content without photographers, operators, and models. Our photo studios are designed to meet their specific needs and provide work comfort.


  • Software guiding inexperience operators towards excellent results.
  • Flexibility for photographers who want to keep their creativity.
  • Ergonomic PC stand with an embedded screen for the operator’s convenience.
  • Sound and visual signalisation, secondary screen for model and stylist.
woman model clothing product photography
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