Diversify Your Furniture Content With Orbitvu

Furniture photography demands technical skill and time to achieve quality results. Enjoy the perks of having in-house content creation devices with Orbitvu's photography solutions. Say goodbye to time-consuming furniture photography setup and the alarming cost of rental equipment with your own professional tools.

Take advantage of our proprietary automated photo technology when you integrate Orbitvu into your furniture product photography. Shoot different types of content with our devices, such as still images, 360° spins, product videos and 3D content.

Dive Into the benefits of Orbitvu's furniture photography solutions

Enjoy the flexibility of customizable features


Configure product settings to meet your specific requirements and ensure only the best photography results for every piece of furniture. Leverage our user-friendly interface and achieve high-quality furniture studio photography.


Integrate hardware and software seamlessly


Work on multiple devices and share the images among your content specialists. Integrate our advanced hardware and intuitive software for a more efficient work process.

Orbitvu facilitates speedy content creation, allowing you to shoot up to 150 products daily. Whether you're a manufacturer shooting for a catalog or a retailer creating website content, we have the one-click solution for you.


Launch product shoots within minutes


Photos go from capture to your platform in as fast as 90 seconds. Our proprietary software streamlines workflow and allows same-day photo uploads. Orbitvu's automated photography studios shorten post-production without compromising image quality.


Boost brand awareness with imagery


Capture high-quality photos consistently and conveniently. Utilize advanced photography features and create templates for every shoot. Drive brand awareness and enhance customer retention with cohesive looks in each campaign.

Orbitvu's systems give furniture companies full control of the content creation process. Furnish customers with accurate product representations for more sales and fewer returns.


Shoot content in various formats


Entertain your audience with various content formats for furniture pieces. Showcase products at their best angles with still images, product videos and multi-perspective shots — all from a single device.

Unique to Orbitvu's furniture photography


Highlight every detail with 360° views of your furniture pieces, and create 3D assets of each product in your catalog with Bright River's AI-driven interactive solution. Build a virtual showroom and provide your customers with an immersive shopping experience.

Select the right Orbitvu device for your furniture photography needs

Furniture Studio

Furniture Studio

A fully equipped studio specifically designed for shooting furniture products in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. Ideal for shooting up to 4 tons worth of furniture pieces.


Alphastudio XXL

Alphastudio XXL

An automated photo studio where you can produce 360° spins, videos and packshots for small and large furniture pieces. It's the best choice to go beyond still photos and basic videos.

Alphastudio Compact

Alphastudio Compact

complete solution where you can produce 360° spins, videos and packshots for small and medium-sized furniture pieces. It's the best choice to go beyond still photos and basic videos.


Not sure which device works for you?

Our dedicated support staff is always happy to answer your questions. Book a live or online demo so we can help you find the right solution for your furniture photography requirements.


Orbitvu makes furniture photography efficient

Software & Hardware

The seamless integration of our proprietary software and hardware automates your image production without sacrificing any quality, control, or creativity.

Powerful Lighting

The studio design includes multiple lamps and 22 separate segments, all of which can be controlled remotely via a computer.

Motorized Camera

The motorized camera stand provides complete and repeatable control of the camera's tilt angle, height and zoom position — all directly from the operator interface.

Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features

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