Secure logistics costs

Made to take the photo creation on location, reduces outsourcing and transport expenses.


Advanced software features 

To boost up jewelry product photography and automate photo editing process.



<1 m2

Reduced space consumption

Less than 1m² of space required to run a complete jewelry photo studio.

Produce high-quality jewelry product photography and video in-house

Jewelry product photography is specific in niche technical skills and secure logistic requirements. We have all the necessary puzzle pieces to solve those issues.


  • Fully equipped jewellery photo studio for still images, video and 360° spins. No need for outsourcing.
  • Integration of jewelry dedicated hardware and software to take stunning product images even without deep photography knowledge.
  • Creative possibilities for professional photographers. 

How it works

jewelry product photography

Showcase the real beauty of your products

Whether it is a gold ring,  gemstone necklace or silver pieces or watch, Orbitvu’s photo equipment will let you create eye-catching visual content of your jewelry. 


  • Complete lighting system designed to meet jewelry product photography needs. 
  • Closed environment to provide complete control over lighting and final output.
  • 360° spins and video to highlight the real-life brilliance of jewelry products by showcasing them from all angles.

Jewelry products present a unique set of challenges when it comes to post-production. Orbivu’s software simplifies the whole content production process including photo – editing.  


  • Superfocus feature to have the entire piece of jewelry in focus.
  • Colour Beautifier to make silver neutral, gold shining, and gemstones colourful.
  • Auto Polisher to removes tiny surface imperfections automatically. 
  • Background removed on the fly during the capture process.



Upgrade jewelry product photography, maintain work efficiency

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