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Achieve flawless 360° product photography with Orbitvu Turntable G2

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, captivating product imagery can make all the difference. For photographers seeking to elevate their product showcases, Orbitvu’s 360° turntables offer an unparalleled solution. This article delves into the benefits and process of creating stunning 360° spins using Orbitvu Turntables, tailored for those aiming to enrich their e-commerce websites with high-precision shots and immersive product experiences.

Flawless 360 product photography with Orbitvu TurntablesFlawless 360 product photography with Orbitvu Turntables

At Orbitvu, we’re also looking for ways to improve our products and, with that, improve our customers’ experience. The solutions have to be intuitive and easy to use. They have to have features that will be useful for those who begin their journey with product photography, as well as functionalities that will allow professionals to unleash their creativity. It’s a tough task, we’re not gonna lie. But time after time, we manage to launch the products and release software updates that bring better results. This time, we’re talking about a new generation of Orbitvu Turntables. Meet Orbitvu Turntable G2.

About Orbitvu Turntable G2

Woman placing rain shoes inside the Orbitvu Turntable

Orbitvu Turntables G2 are designed to enhance e-commerce websites with precise, detailed 360-degree product imagery. These turntables, available in two sizes (MIDI and MAXI), are ideal for handling various product sizes and weights, up to 250 kg. 

While the MIDI G2 version allows for flexibility - you can conveniently install it on the floor or on the desk, if needed, with the MAXI G2 version, you can shoot asymmetrical products with a shifted center of gravity. 

They integrate seamlessly with traditional photography studio setups and come with intuitive, software-controlled operation to easily manage turntable positions and speed. This means you can create lots of high-quality 360° spins and still photos quickly, improving the efficiency of photoshoots.

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The benefits of 360 product photography

360 product photography is the rich content you need on your website to stay relevant. It’s how you close the gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. It’s how you give your customers something more than a few-words description and a couple of photos. So what are the advantages of shooting with a turntable, and how 360-view can impact sales? See for yourself!

Precision and versatility

Orbitvu Turntables G2, available in two sizes, cater to a wide range of products, ensuring precise and smooth rotations for flawless photography. This gives you the precision and versatility you need to stay competitive.

Enhanced e-commerce experience

Detailed 360° spins provide potential customers with a comprehensive view, boosting buying confidence, which leads to more informed buying decisions and fewer returns. And, after all, loyal customers are what we all want, right?

Efficiency and ease of use

With intuitive software and seamless integration into existing studio setups, these turntables streamline the photography process, saving time and enhancing productivity. Engaging 360° content without extra effort? That’s the dream!


Thanks to turntables, you can create engaging, rich content in the form of stills, 360° spins, and videos that cater to the needs of modern customers. If you’re a photography studio, you can add this kind of content to your offer and drive more customers, especially from the product photography industry. This could help make your offer richer and, in turn, help you scale up the business.

How to shoot 360° spins with Orbitvu Turntables G2

That’s easy! All you have to do is plug the device into the power and your computer. Next, set up the camera and arrange the lighting as you like, then place the item on Orbitvu Turntable G2, and voilà - your photo studio is ready to go. Thanks to the integrated Orbitvu Station software, you can easily capture stills, 360° spins, and, if you use a fixed light, even record video of your products. Next step? Publish the content to multiple locations or export it for other purposes, like print or marketing.

All in all

We always strive to revolutionize product photography for e-commerce. By offering precision, efficiency, and enhanced viewer engagement, Orbitvu Turntable G2 is an essential tool for photographers and e-commerce professionals aiming to showcase their products in the best light. Embrace the future of product photography and give your customers an immersive shopping experience.

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