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Introducing new features from Orbitvu Station 19.1.7

From new ways of content creation to some interface uplift. Let’s have an inside look at main new features form the latest Orbitvu software release.

Orbitviu StationOrbitviu Station

Create 360° spin from the video

It is as easy as that! Just record a video, select 360° in the PUBLISH section, choose Video option and number of frames. You will get high quality 360° spin from your video file.

Orbitviu Station Create 360° spin from the video

Using Superfocus was never that simple

Struggling with Superfocus feature? Experience our brand new wizard. It guides you step by step and shows how to work with the Super Focus to achieve the best results.

If you are familiar with Superfocus, with the new version of Orbitvu Station, you can set up all its parameters manually. Use it to speed up your workflow when you know the exact settings you need.

step by step work with the Super Focus - Gif

Depth of field preview

Turn on the depth of field preview to know precisely what it looks like before you press the Capture button. It allows you to adjust the aperture value more precisely to get full control over the focus.

Orbitviu Station - Depth of field preview

Improved software update

Starting with the next release, you will update Orbitvu Station directly from the application level. No need to go to Orbitvu SUN page.

All keyboard shortcuts at hand

Using keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity, so it’s good to have them at hand. Type CTRL+? to get the full list of shortcuts for Orbitvu Station.

Refreshed interface

As you can see below, we have modified some icons to give the software interface a modern and lighter look to improve the usability even more.

Orbitviu Station interface

For reminder, Orbitvu Station is free of charge for all clients with an active support plan. If you want to try our software but you do not have the support plan, please activate it on your SUN account at or contact our sales forces at [email protected].

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