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Less than 1 USD per product

7 packshots, including investment and operating costs.

90 sec's

From shelf to the online store

With automated features for all steps of the content creation process.


Products captured every day

Using a single device, with 7 images per product, without compromising the quality.

More product photos lead to more sales

When designing our devices, we wanted to help our clients produce compelling product content fast and easily. The time spent on creating packshots is reduced to a minimum, so you can add more products to your e-store and other e-commerce platforms.


  • Optimized process. By integrating all-in-one photo studio with innovative software, you will smoothly go through the steps of creating visual content and significantly reduce the time necessary for adding new products to an online store, on Allegro, eBay or Amazon.
  • Settings’ templates to load the parameters of the content creation process with just one click and to start creating product photos, 360° presentations and videos immediately.
  • Remarkably reduced post-production time with advanced editing tools, such as automated background removal, Superfocus or Auto Polisher.

How it works

High-quality packshots, 360 ° photography, product video - that your customers want

High-quality, consistent product photography for e-commerce establishes credibility and makes your products stand out from the competitive offers on e-commerce platforms. Engaging 360° presentations and product videos attract your customers and help you create a positive shopping experience.


  • Professional packshots, even without photo experience with Orbitvu’s user-friendly software and hardware.
  • Various types of visual content created in a single device. With Orbitvu solutions, you can effortlessly create product video and 360 ° presentation. No additional skills needed. 
  • Consistent visual content thanks to templates storing settings of the photo process.

Selling on popular online shopping services is a great way to reach many potential customers, but it requires fulfillment of several conditions, including those related to visual content. With Orbitvu solutions, you can easily create professional product photos following the requirements of Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Aliexpress, etc.


  • Videos and 360° spins for more engaging fashion visual content. 
  • Live models or ghost mannequins photos and videos to showcase a garment’s shape.
  • Flat lay photography for the fastest packshots production or to create visual content to share on social media.


Product photos meeting requirements of Allegro, eBay and Amazon

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