Skincare and Cosmetics Photography

Clear, crisp images convey transparency and cleanliness to your consumers. Skincare product photography balances the perfect lighting with product positioning. Beauty products also benefit from video clips, allowing your customers to see the entire product before they purchase. 

We at Orbitvu leverage more than a decade of professional photography experience. Our expertise brings you automated beauty product photography products that keep your costs low and increase conversions.

Skincare and Cosmetics Product PhotographySkincare and Cosmetics Product Photography

Dive into the benefits of Orbitvu's skincare and cosmetics photography solutions

Show the best your brand has to offer

Orbitvu understands the importance of capturing vivid images of your cosmetics and skincare products for brand awareness and conversion. We've designed our devices to be tailored to your needs so you can use our predefined templates and create outstanding content. Craft compelling videos and pictures to help your brand stand out in the competitive beauty market.

Quality images with unparalleled consistency 

Capturing high-quality images with consistency helps you save time and money, allowing you to focus on marketing and your customer's needs. Use a compatible camera to take high-resolution photos from various slants and aspects. The 360-degree rotating turntable allows you to experiment with different takes and angles. Produce eye-catching images for your e-commerce store, website or print.

Still beauty product photography with impeccable detail

When customers browse your online store or website, they rely on realistic, accurate images that are clear to see and read. These factors play into consumer trust and purchasing decisions. Create bright, stunning images of your stock with expert-quality output. 

Lighting on the Alphashot 360 is unparalleled, with powerful LED lights that preserve the true colors of your products. The device contains six light panels, which you can control independently through our proprietary software. You get clear pictures without the glare, allowing you to capture your stock easily and with confidence. 

360-degree rotation for interactive visuals

Boost conversion and drive revenue. Upscale your online store with exciting product videos to capture your audience's attention. Create an interactive experience for your clients, allowing them to see a 360-degree view of your beauty products. The Alphashot 360 takes brilliant stills of your inventory and generates scalable product videos. The 360-degree motorized turntable runs smoothly, taking 36 pictures in a minute and a half. Our software then automates post-production, crafting compelling product videos for your online catalog. 

Optimal visual quality for smaller items

Smaller items like skincare and cosmetic products can be tricky to photograph because customers often wish to see the product in detail. You need the optimal background, perfect lighting, easy-to-read images and the correct product positioning. Our photography products allow you to choose the best background, whether neutral or in color. Our LED lights deliver clarity to images without glare.

Create templates that save you time

Efficiency is key for any business. Companies often spend a lot of time and money on production. Outsourcing could mean you lose your vision for your catalog and brand. It can also be costly. Having a scalable, efficient production process in-house is the best way to boost your brand and increase your bottom line. The Orbitvu Station software works intuitively with the hardware, streamlining the entire production process.

When you select your preferred background and settings, the software saves and automates the process the next time you capture images. Your settings are applied during production, editing and publishing. This automated process allows you to generate quality photos on demand whenever you have new inventory. Fulfill customer demands by always taking advantage of opportunities to sell high-trend items fast

Scale the process for efficient time management

The Alphashot 360 is a versatile, easy-to-use system that allows you to scale your production and editing sessions for maximum conversion. Anyone can manage the process, and following a few simple steps can get you to the publishing stage: 

  1. Scan the barcode and set up the Alphashot 360 device and the software on your laptop. 
  2. Place your beauty product on the turntable.
  3. Set your desired camera position.
  4. Return to your laptop and select your preferences, like lighting and camera settings. Then, select the IQ mask settings to remove the background and shadows. 
  5. Click the button, and the Alphashot 360 starts taking pictures of your product as Orbitvu Station cuts out the background with the option to keep or edit out natural shadows. 
  6. Apply other settings by customizing cropping, object alignment and scaling preferences in the edit tab or during post-production.
  7. Once you've done this, you've created a template. The software remembers your settings and applies them as you work, both during editing and publishing. 

Create and innovate your skincare and makeup product photography with ease

Now, you can create eye-catching images that attract converting consumers with an automated system by clicking a few buttons. Orbitvu makes skincare and beauty product photography scalable and efficient. Take still images, 360 spins and product videos while saving time and keeping overhead low. 

Explore the Orbitvu difference. Our Orbitvu cares philosophy ensures you always have support when you purchase one of our devices. We have a team of dedicated customer support specialists who will provide you with guidance and training. To request an offer, fill out our online form. You can also request a call through our contact page, and one of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

Meet the dedicated Orbitvu device for cosmetics product photography

Alphashot 360

Alphashot 360

An intuitive 360° photography studio for various objects, such as cosmetics, eyewear, or mobile phones.

Alphashot XL

Alphashot XL

An all-in-one photo solution for producing 360° spins of different types and sizes of objects.

Not sure which device to choose?

We are always happy to answer your questions. Book an online or live demo via our contact form and let us help you choose the solution that’s best suited to your fashion product photography requirements.

See how simple cosmetics product photography can be

Software & Hardware

The seamless integration of our proprietary software and hardware automates your image production without sacrificing any quality, control, or creativity.

Lighting Zones

Enjoy true colors and a long life span with six independently-controlled, high-power, individual light panels.


Anti-Reflection Kit

Achieve soft, diffused light and control unwanted reflections. Made of neutral-colored polycarbonate, it has two camera openings for variable camera angle adjustment.

Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features
Engage your audience and increase conversions
Inspire confidence and reduce returns
Showcase all the important features

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