the only complete solution for automated packshot shooting and 360 degree product photography of objects up to 18 kg placed on the Ø50 cm platform.

Max. object weight: 18 kg
table diameter: 50 cm
Use: 2D & 360° Complete set for 2D/360° product photography of small objects up to 18kg

  • Return on investment even
    after 1 photo session
  • 360° product presentation
    in 2,5 minutes
  • 4 packshots
    in 20 seconds
  • 36 packshots
    in 85 seconds

    ORBITVU technology uses the full power of a CPU, as it engages each and every core. Consequently, several tasks can be performed at the same time in the background -- while the work pace is simply incomparable to anything else (even for very HQ images).


    The best software in the world for mass imaging and the perfect tool for advanced editing of individual packshots. Other photo editing software will be unnecessary with all you need on one program.


    Your computer is your command center. Through intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can see exactly what the camera sees, and control everything -- even the advanced settings of the camera.


    Do you want to repeat the same shot? The reference image will be placed on a Live View product, which is exactly what you want to photograph. This allows for the placement of the product in the same position and cropping becomes exceptionally easy.


    Fine-tune the way you operate your device to your expectations. If you want to you can choose the angles, which always takes packshots of your products or adjust the rotation of the table so as to prevent taller products from toppling or swaying.


    MINI Kit, as each of ORBITVU kit, works great with the standards of the photographic studio equipment and digital SLR cameras Nikon and Canon.


    Prepare presentations and packshots without any limits on the resolution. The ORBITVU software can handle any amount of data, with the only limit being the camera’s maximum resolution.


    Mass export to a file (html5, jpeg, png), filtering, tagging, quick browsing. Project Manager gives you everything you need to work comfortably and efficiently.


    Without the photographic knowledge and skills, you will be able to create professional photographs and presentations. We have developed templates for your light settings and advanced camera settings which work best for photographing different categories of objects. Would you like to create and save all on your own? All this to accelerate your speed to the max while making your work easy.


    ORBITVU MIni is the answer, being portable and relatively easy to transport. It lets you take a photograph when products found on site won't necessarily have to be carried to the studio.

  • M-VIEW

    Thanks to the Multi-View, the method and display technology automatically adjust to the device bearing no effect on the time you open the presentation. The ORBITVU solution uses both technology like HTML5 and Flash.


    Now you can make presentations and packshots without any restrictions on resolution. ORBITVU Software copes with any amount of data -- the only limit is the maximum resolution of the camera.


    Control technology of the product view using the whole hand through intuitive gestures. You will be impressed by the quality and depth of experience of the product as well as having full control over the image. Check and follow your own reactions.

  • 360°
  • Packshots
  • Orbittour
The most photographed objects:
Household goods
Promotional gifts



Specification Kit MINI
Table diameter 50 cm
Max. central load 18 kg
Max. load for hanging configuration 1 kg
360° image output formats YES
Export 2D / 360 JPG, PNG
Trigger of camera shutter 2.5 mm stereo
Compatible cameras CANON & NIKON DSLR with LiveView more
Max. image resolution unlimited
Compatible operating systems Mac OSX: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8; WINDOWS 7, 8 and others
Own product profiles YES
Positioning accuracy better than 3°
Dimensions [WxHxD] 8x8x12 cm
Max. relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Total weight net / gross / hanging configuration net 1.3 kg
Operating temperature range 10-40°C
Power supply 12V DC
External power supply 110-230V AC


    • Product hanging set
      • 75 cm white "hat" pad, cardboard/polyurethane/acrylic for MINI
        • White pad ø50cm, matt/glossy
          • Black pad ø50cm, glossy
          • Opinions

            • Set-up took minutes. Capturing images was simple and putting them togetherin professional presentations for clients to use as they wishwas no problem. Even embeding into a website yourself is pretty easy (...). If you're looking for an all-in-one, easy to use system for product photography, the ORBITVU is one to seriously consider. OVERAL RATING: 9 points Features: 9/10 Performance: 9/10 Handling: 9/10 Value for money: 9/10 Photo Professional Rating Photo Professional (British influeantial photo magazine)
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