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What is shoppertainment and why you should care

In the era of e-commerce, where customers click through websites at a record speed, entrepreneurs have to fight for viewers’ attention. Now the user journey is so distracted that as much as 63% of shoppers need to see the same content at least 3 or 4 times to make a decision.

What is shoppertainmentWhat is shoppertainment

That’s why there are more and more trends to increase the attention span of demanding shoppers and transform them from viewers to customers. One of those trends that seem to make the most impact is shoppertainment. Is it yet another buzzword of 2023, or is it something worth investing in? Learn it here.

What is shoppertainment?

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Shoppertainment (shopping + entertainment), a content-driven e-commerce trend, is the perfect blend of shopping and entertainment with technology as a response to changing customer habits and values.

It seeks to educate and entertain first, then sell. That’s why is so successful. This trend is extremely popular in China, but it’s also getting increasingly popular in America and Europe thanks to social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. According to the Shoppertainment: APAC’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity report, this trend is a real chance for US$ 1 trillion in market value for e-commerce businesses in the Asia Pacific (APAC) by 2025.

The goal of shoppertainment is to boost customer engagement and increase sales thanks to interactive online experiences similar to those in-store ones. Only here, it’s about the combination of content and community that ultimately forms immersive experience for shoppers.

What do consumers want?

  1. Focus on content

Instead of hard selling, turn to storytelling - this will give you educating value that you need to win the heart (and wallets) of the consumers.

  1. Become video-first

Interactive content in the form of short videos or interactive 360° spins is the way to maintain the attention of shoppers for longer. 

  1. Don’t force decision-making

Your priority is your target audience. Focus on meeting their needs and wants. Don’t make them buy your products all the time.

  1. Be authentic

People crave authenticity. So force open discussion, share credible product reviews and inspire with brand videos.


3 core benefits of shoppertainment

There are 3 pillars of a successful online shopping experience - it has to be fun, engaging, and goal-driven. And that also happens to be a shoppertainment strategy.

Entertainment value

The truth is, shoppertainment is so popular because shopping is no longer just about the price. Now, customers need something more tempting, like an entertainment value, something to keep them on their toes.

But it’s easier said than done. According to SiegeMedia data, the average bounce rate for e-commerce sites is 54.54%. And that’s worrisome.

So even though you have an optimized website with consistent content, you may still need something else to help turn viewers into actual shoppers on your site. A great example of the entertaining factor may be live videos. In this way, you get people entertained and engaged, which, in turn, translates to brand loyalty and less returns.

Interactive value

Another crucial ingredient to a successful e-commerce business is the interactive aspect.

And since now it’s the era of virtual events, more and more people are open to this kind of shopping. It’s fast, convenient, and highly interactive.  

During live streams, one of the shoppertainment events, people can actively take part in the shopping experience via chat. This gives them a feeling of the in-store experience and significantly shortens the customer journey since, most of the time, there’s a limited-time offer, and shoppers have to buy the item in the moment to gain the most.

Purpose-driven value

And lastly, you have the goal factor. People who interact in the shoppertainment experience (or e-commerce experience, for that matter) are here for a reason. They want to learn more about the product, access discounts, see how it would look in the physical space, and more. It’s a great marketing strategy to boost customer loyalty, drive sales and gather data.

Shoppertainment examples

Once you know the 3 pillars of the shoppertainment trend, let’s look into the examples of the interactive elements you can now incorporate into your website.

Augmented reality

augumented reality

AR technology is already big on the Internet, but shoppertainment takes it even further, especially in the fashion/beauty industry. It allows retailers to bring virtual reality elements into the real world. Thanks to AR technology, customers can use smartphones and tablets to view 3D objects in physical space.

For example, NYX Professional Makeup offers a “virtual try-on experience” on the site, which allows customers to visualize themselves in their products and see how they like them. IKEA also uses AR in their IKEA Place app to put full-scale virtual furniture models into their houses and see how they blend with the surroundings. With this simple trick, you already boost the engagement and make online shopping unforgettable.

Livestream shopping

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Livestreaming was a revelation of 2020, especially in the fashion/beauty industry. Back when all the shops were closed, selling products was harder than ever. You had to give your audience a piece of the in-store experience.

And that’s when live video shopping comes in - customers can discover new brands and products, access limited-time offers, check the quality of the products advertised, and learn more about products via chat. All of it online, from the comfort of their houses.

Plus, when the products are advertised by regular people (or soon-to-be influencers) and are on platforms like TikTok or Instagram, even the heavy app users feel like they’re not being advertised. It feels natural. Interactive shoppable videos are also a great alternative to livestreams. 

Overall, you boost consumer participation by offering interactive e-commerce experiences that don’t require any effort from them. Livestreaming is just about being social. You interact with target audience in their natural environment - Internet.



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Gamification is about using game mechanics in non-game concepts, like point systems, progress tracking, or prizes/rewards. It’s a great way to motivate and engage users to stay longer on the page and benefit from your offer. Gamification, with its entertaining elements, gives you a huge opportunity to turn the viewer into a shopper without heavy advertising.

Shoppertainment to boost customer engagement

As you can see, the shoppertainment content isn’t as scary as it seems. In fact, many of the examples you probably already incorporate into your strategy. Video, live events, contests - all of those actions engage customers, increase conversion rates and help to build a brand image. And sure, there may be some technical barriers you must overcome, but it’s worth it because this e-commerce trend is here to stay. 

If you want to learn more about how you can help your e-store grow and prosper, contact us! Let us show you how automated product photography solutions can help you create interactive and memorable online experiences.

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