More packshots, better quality, lower costs

3 sec's

To get a web-ready packshot
With the automatically removed background.
Significantly reduced post-production.


Products captured every day
Using one device, with 7 images per product, without compromising the quality.


Under 1 USD per product
7 packshots, including investment and operating costs.
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For cutting costs

Save on visual content production

Switching to Orbitvu automated solution you will significantly reduce product photography costs compared to conventional product photography or video production.


  • No outsourcing costs. Created to keep visual content production in-house.
  • Significantly reduced post-processing expenses.
  • Operator-friendly photo equipment designed for easy onboarding and reduced training time.
  • Space efficient. Compact yet fully equipped photography devices.

For efficiency

Speed up your product photography

The entire workflow: capture, post-production, and online upload is automated to give you hundreds of photos for your business every day. 


  • Hardware and software integration for smooth mass visual content production.   
  • Templates to load photo session settings with a single click.
  • Automated batch photo editing and background removal.
  • Direct stills, 360° spins and video online uploads.
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examples of product image

For ease of use

Simply capture quality images

Orbitvu solutions are flexible to give creative freedom to professionals yet allow inexperienced operators to create web-ready packshots, 360° spins and videos.


  • Operator-friendly hardware and software for quality results. 
  • The content creation workflow carried out by intuitive Orbitvu software.
  • Automated post-production with a selection of premium editing tools. 
  • Hardware and software optimised to create consistent content.
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