Alphastudio XXL

Henrik Stenstrom / Partner at Lampan

At Lampan, we have approximately 8,000 different kind of lamps in our website. An important success factor for us is the possibility to have our own content, both text and image. The Orbitvu solution helped us to create the content we need that let our customer experience the lamp on the screen.

Alphashot Micro + Alphashot XL + Alphastudio XXL

Sara / Photographer & Videomaker at CLX Europe

For my job, it’s essential to shoot with the perfect tools, have total control of the lights and have the possibility to recreate it for every product. Orbitvu is perfect for doing so, both for photography and video.

Alphastudio Compact

Susanne Visholm / Marketing Specialist, Wareco

Our customers need good quality product pictures and we deliver them with Orbitvu. We used to take pictures ourselves and it took 20 minutes to produce one. With Orbitvu it takes us about 3-5 minutes to get quality pictures without any background.

Alphashot 360

Eva Arrazola / Marketing manager,

Alphashot improves our work efficiency. It is achieved by uploading photos of our products much faster. We make more than 3,000 products per month. We chose this device because we were having a problem with both time and cost.

Alphashot XL

Alena Brazdilova / Copywriter & Product Coordinator, Bata

For fashion industry photography is very important because images sell the product. We decided to buy Alphashot because we like its functions. For example you don’t have to set up lights – it’s automated. Using Alphashot will definately improve our workflow.

Alphashot 360

Beatriz Sanchez / Communication Manager, Joma

One of our main goal, when purchasing ALPHASHOT, was to boost online sales. With Alphashot we do our job efficiently. Alphashot speeds up our photography work and photo editing.

Alphashot 360

Ewelina Kotlinska / ROSSMANN

Alphashot has changed our previous style of work with the products. It helps us to integrate a variety of product communication channels, as well as in visual content standardization of so many products we offer. Work with Alphashot is simple and automatic cutting backgrounds significantly accelerated the work.

Alphashot XL Pro

Roxanne Williams / Director Network Operations, Fortessa Inc.

For years, producing inventory images of our products would take anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes for each item. With the Alphashot XL Pro we have literally saved HUNDREDS of hours of editing, freeing up time to work on other projects. We have recently updated our 500+ page catalog. We wouldn’t have been able to finish it in the tight time frame without the Alphashot XL Pro.



Alphashot 360

Agata Plesinska / Marketing Manager, Happy Gifts Europe

Alphashot has become an essential tool in our marketing department. It is in constant use by the production, quality control, design and even sales department. Internal communications has changed and became much more effective. We work a lot faster and we no longer need a photographer in the marketing department.

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