Automated Product Photography

ORBITVU EDITOR – STANDARD and PRO feature comparison

Includes VIEWER BASIC license for free presentation distribution YES YES
Basic control of ORBITVU equipment (manual rotation, automatic capture of predefined number of frames per rotation) YES YES
Camera shutter release options: USB, ORBITVU device, manual YES YES
Advanced shutter release options (pre and pos delays) YES YES
Image import from filesystem YES YES
Batch selection and cropping YES YES
Cross project settings copy YES YES
Animation preview YES YES
Selection aiming tools YES YES
Export to Animated GIF, SWF and ORBITVU presentation YES YES
Watermarks on all exported formats YES YES
Project management YES YES
Batch 360°/3D product presentations upload to internet (ORBITVU SUN type servers) YES YES
Batch editing: brightness, levels YES YES
Sequence manipulation YES YES
Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and native MAC OS X compatible YES YES
Multi monitor capable YES YES
Live view mode including digital zoom, auto focus and manual focus YES YES
Camera control (ISO, WB, shutter speed, aperture) YES YES
3D product view support YES YES
Multi camera control YES YES
Automated still image capture at pre-defined angles NO YES
Intensity histogram NO YES
Advanced batch editing: sharpness, color saturation, color balance NO YES
Whitening Background pixels NO YES
Advanced selection options (cross project copy, custom ratio) NO YES
Advanced control of ORBITVU equipment (full control over equipment – speed, acceleration, continous mode) NO YES
Multi-core operation NO YES
Batch presentations export (selected from project manager view) NO YES
Refresh frames edited in external application, e.g. PHOTOSHOP, GIMP… – no need to import frames again NO YES
Exported presentation custom quality control NO YES
Adding text to exported presentation NO YES
Frames with ADOBE RGB color space automatically recognised NO YES