ORBITVU VIEWER – feature comparison

Internet optimised static tiling technology YES YES YES YES
HTML5 compatibility YES YES YES YES
2D zoom support YES YES YES YES
Customizable play options YES YES YES YES
Unlimited zoom capability NO* YES YES YES
Advanced transitions NO YES YES YES
Unbranded option YES YES YES YES
Domain locking NO YES NO OPTION
Full customization of user interface (HTML5) NO NO NO YES
Can be freely redistributed with 360 presentations YES NO YES YES
API access** NO NO YES YES
Social, Branding and Logo buttons, custom colors, buttons style NO YES YES YES
Support web e-mail e-mail phone

* VIEWER BASIC has limited maximal image resolution to 1024 px.

** API Access is required for ORBITTOUR to work


Standard, Royalty Free

Are You interested in automated product photography? Check how the ORBITVU devices work on Your products! We'll get back to You to talk about details.
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